The open spaces are often the first elected when decorating their greater capacity to house furniture and accessories. However, flirtation is not incompatible with the small size and the homes of a few square meters can also have excellent decorations levels of the “big” real estate world. Just a matter of patience and use of every corner.

The main assistant against space limitations concentration is lightly attached to minimalism furniture. Thus, although we must condense the elements, avoid feeling overwhelmed by the excesses created and maintain the style and sophistication you want. Keep essentials and complement the simple lines of lightweight materials such as cane , natural fibers and wood, which are in turn provide a warm atmosphere for the home. However, if you prefer to go for a more modern character, there are light materials either metallic or colored.

The room, although usually the largest room of the house, does not always meet our expectations of space, but if we take well may be able to combine resting place, dining and work area in the same room. Just a little ingenuity and adaptation to get it. In the part devoted to rest instead of a coffee table we can use a tray table or a small table and slightly higher than average in the case of modern style. If you are a book lover do not miss the opportunity to have your own library, except that, instead of being distributed in large shelves, small furniture will be on bookshelves.

Also, instead of having an armchair with earflaps you can opt for a chair size larger than regular table and comfort in its design, while the sofa, since it is not possible to accommodate a large corner must be 2 or 3 places without losing a bit of comfort, of course. It may even be a comfortable sofa-bed that allows us the possibility of extending the exceptional accommodation someone. But this space management does not have to involve a deprivation sleeps … ┬áJust a rug with large cushions or pubs. This allows us to expand the seating visits while saving space, since you can save stacked or adapted to any corner.

At the other extreme we can take advantage of a corner to place a square dining table with chairs or opt for a corner, which will allow us to make the most of every inch of space. A screen of light materials such as cloth or reeds perfectly complements this room, and that can be used to protect any showcase or cabinet where we store household items, or add a touch of intimacy to lunch and dinner. Meanwhile, a window in which to place a desk and chair be enough to create a small work corner, where fully leverage daylight. Who said that small spaces cannot store large homes?