I recently moved into my new apartment and between the excitements of living alone, I forgot to check some details such as the state of the walls. The moisture in the walls is one of the most persistent problems in houses and apartments, including recently read about a family who had to demolish his house, because moisture had taken the whole place.

Well, that does not happen, of course I would pay attention first and reject a house in disrepair, but since the subject entries, add the following is the solution to fix the wall with moisture.

Many times I heard “not be alone” and so many other reviews that made me feel that only men or hiring someone could solve certain problems, but I’ve always been of the idea that everything can be achieved, we may not be experts or sometimes we need help, but before you do, try to fend for ourselves.

In addition, when you connect your satisfaction first dvd, you place the bulbs, paint the walls and in this case you manage a wall with moisture is great.

How To Fix A Wet Wall


  • waterproofing
  • plaster
  • spatula
  • brush
  • metal fiber
  • chlorine
  • paint
  • masks


The first thing you need to do is clean the wall and remove everything that has been raised by moisture. That will serve the spatula: It happens throughout the wounded to leave the flat wall portion.

Once it is completely smooth wall, before putting any coating, it is ideal to carve the whole area with a metal fiber and chlorine: do not forget this step because it’s very important to get rid of the fungus that causes the whole mess.

As a next step, leave the wall then place a layer of waterproofing to dry thoroughly.

If you want to save steps and materials, you can use a waterproofing with color and so the task will be completed. Or apply a common waterproofing and painting later. If you notice that the wall was with irregularities, apply some plaster to match everything.

At the end gives a lick of paint the same color as the rest of the wall or fail to change the decor of the room and go. Remember that if you find a wet spot, it is best to fix it immediately, because it can easily continue to grow and affect not only the walls but also the nearby furniture and even worse your health.

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