Do you feel like you’re home is stuck in the 20th century? Do you still have a bulky TV, Desktop Computer, or invasive home stereo system? If you’re shaking your head in agreement to any of these questions, it might be time to give your at home technology an upgrade. Clear the clutter of tangled wires and invest in services that provide everything you need. Check out these four tips to help get you started.

Inventory Your Devices

It is not uncommon to have many unused technological devices in your home. Whether it is a VCR player you can’t part with, an old gaming system you never use, or an outdated computer that collects dust. The first step in upgrading your home’s technology is deciding which devices you routinely rely on and what you can part with. If you find that your primary equipment is outdate, it is time to research a cheap alternative that can take the place of several devices.

When searching for new technology, consider options that will accomplish many functions in a single device. While it may seem cheaper to buy a television, dvd player, and game console separate, it often ends up invoking higher costs and unnecessary clutter. Instead of having a several products to fulfill your needs, look for products like Smart TVs or Gaming Consoles that play DVD, Blu-ray and connect to WIFI. Not only will all-in-one devices be more aesthetically appealing, they will also save time and money in the long run.

How To Give Your Home A Technological Upgrade

Hide those Wires and Cords

There is nothing worse than dealing with the physical and visual burden of a rat’s nest of cables underneath you television or computer. Take a few hours to organize your equipment’s wires in order to save frustration. Though it takes some effort to keep your entertainment devices clutter free, you will be thankful you did so because it will allow you to optimize and utilize space.

Organizing your electronics doesn’t have to be costly, in fact there is a plethora of household items you can use to accomplish the job. Try using zip ties to group cables that run to the same outlets. If you don’t have zip ties handy, binder clips or even an empty toilet paper roll will do the job just fine. Another easy way to stay organized is labeling the plugs on your power strip, this way you know exactly what goes where and are able to quickly decide which cords can be unplugged and what needs to stay connected.

Consolidate your Services

Many people find themselves in several different contracts with various companies that provide phone, television, and Internet. Save yourself the headache of paying numerous bills and dealing with multiple customer service representatives by finding a provider that offers a package that suits all of your technological needs. Though using several different service providers might seem cheaper, in the long run having one company that does everything will make it easier to keep track of your services.

Search for companies that offer FiOS cable, Internet, and phone. Utilizing FiOS means you are relying on a fiber optic communications service that will provide utilities at maximal speed. Not only are FiOS bundles more reliable but most companies offer excellent deals.