During distribution operations or transportation most probably 80% or more goods-level picking quantity comes from 20 percent or less of the SKU base. At the same time the Pick-to-Light Solution is such a program which can optimize your warehouse productivity and accuracy.

Dear shippers, whenever you are doing international parcel shipping you must and should implement this wonderful and improved Pick-to-Light Solution to enhance the warehouse productivity. In this article you will find some tips to implement a Pick-to-Light Solution.

1. Assess Your SKU Volume

The Pick-to-Light Solution is one of the best helpful systems for logistic companies. It generates a huge number of SKUs through company’s warehouse.

2. Think about Your Current Staff

If you are thinking to recruit a number of staffs or various categories of staff, then the Pick-to-Light Solution is perfect as compared to pick-to-voice system. Because this solution does not require language program. This system offers seasonal or temporary labour to carry out required operations with minimum training and minimum payment.

How To Implement A Pick-to-Light Solution

3. Research the Warehouse to find the Best Fit

It should be remembered that whenever you are thinking to implement the pick-to-light system in a storehouse, be sure that all the facilities are provided meeting the space requirements. Most of the shipment companies selecting to include automated storage and retrieval systems along with pick-to-light solutions. That’s why logistic companies should verify the space is suitable for all the equipment you plan to install.

4. Concentrate Redesigning to Maximize Impact

If you are including automated storage and retrieval systems with the pick-to-light system, the storehouse might need some reconstruction. Don’t forget that involving AS/RS decreases the floor space available for other revenue-generating activities.

5. Choose Performance Goals

By implementing the pick-to-light systems you can enhance the warehouse productivity. This advanced and improved shipment system is one of the most helpful systems during international shipping. For Example: If you are sending parcel to France or any other country, then the pick-to-light system diminishes the labor requirements, increase accurateness and enhances picking speeds.

Try to find out the existing process to prepare for determine return on investment. Include statistics and metrics from latest procedures to compare to proposed pick-to-light processes.

6. Analyze your existing process to prepare for measuring return on investment. Use statistics and metrics from current processes to compare to proposed pick-to-light processes. Estimate the warehouse management system (WMS). The pick-to-light system is suitable for management system