I think most will agree that an organized home conveys calm and peace to its residents, never be the same to get to a place where you have to “jump” a thousand things to come to an open room that invites you to spend and feel comfortable.

Do not buy anything unless you have a specific place to locate, validate or function. If you accept everything, soon your house will be full of unnecessary items. This not only refers to household products, but also clothes, shoes, books.

Buy several decorative baskets of the same type, and place them in different parts of your home. Whenever something is out of place, put it in the basket. Every night, keep everything that is in them. If you have kids, this is a good way to teach them to be organized.

Small hooks on the wall near the entrance, in the closet, the bathrooms and the kitchen can help you keep your home more organized. Instead of throwing coats on a chair or sofa, hang them near the door. Hang your necklaces in the closet or bathroom.

Although it seems trivial, merely making the bed can make a big difference in trying to keep the room tidy. If you take five minutes to make the bed, you will take another five to pick up clothes. If you do not have time to order the rest of your room, you’ll feel a little better knowing that at least the bed is made.

Apart from putting things in place, it is important that you clean every day. No need to do a deep cleaning, but make sure that the surfaces of the kitchen and the bathroom are clean, snort, or sweeping the floor and washing dishes.

We would all like to have a completely organized all year round home, but the reality is that is not possible. Do not stress about having a tidy and clean house always necessary because you enjoy it too.

If you had a long day at work, you can leave the dishes for the next day, and if you have a busy life, do not feel guilty of hiring someone to clean your house a few times a month.

If you have clear goals and have the decision made, we can bring just the best and do not think they try to compete on who does more things at home or who do not make it, but you know how we are to live and take control generally the children and the couple behind us when they see the results, so do not put excuses, put clear goals to achieve the lifestyle that we want, doing what we like without neglecting the peace that a clean and tidy home gives us.

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