One important part of home improvement is getting rid of ants from our house. These socialistic insects are big problems for many people. They are clearly annoying and disturbing. Having different species of ants in our home can be particularly annoying. Depending on our location, specific species of ants could do significant damage to the carpentry and woodwork. One of the easiest ways to remove ants from our home is by calling the exterminator.
However, these professionals can be expensive and they are using potentially toxic chemicals. For this reason, it is a good idea to choose various alternative methods can rid our home of these vermin.
To get rid of ants, we should try to locate their nests. Locating their nest can be difficult because, ants may wander randomly on the floor. In general, we should be able to hear the rustling of larger ants inside a block of wood. One of the most effective ways to remove ants is by setting a honey or sugar bait. Many ant species look for sugar as their food source.
Once we detect their presence, we should try to follow where they bring the sugar. In some case, we find that they enter small holes in the wood. In this case, we may need to drill a larger hole and spray insect killer solution into it.
Sevin is one of effective powder-based products that can kill ants, but it is quite toxic. Small children can have poisoning symptoms if they accidentally ingest it. We should keep this product in a very safe place and use it only when we need to eradicate ants’ infestation. Once we eliminate them, we should look for ways to prevent them from coming back. Here are a couple of ways to do that:

1. Boric acid:

Boric acid is an effective tool to repel incoming ants. Although it is not as strong as other acids, boric acid is less toxic to human. Even so, we still need to take precautions when handling it. We should avoid any accidental ingestion.

2. White gravel:

White gravel is an effective natural barrier. It allows for good drainage and reasonably dry. Ant will not come into our house if it detects lack of moisture around likely nesting place.
Getting rid of sugar ants often becomes a daily affair and we should know when these stinky ants are more active. They seem to be more prevalent during summer and largely disappear during winter. To get rid of sugar ants, we should keep our kitchen dry and clean. These insects will likely find food in dirty kitchen, where remains of sugar can be found in all forms.
We should wipe the countertops and tables, especially if we worked with something sweet on them. A few grains of sugar may be all it takes to invite a horde of sugar ants. It is a good idea to vacuum areas where consume our food. Ants generally enter our house through small holes on the wall. We should make sure that any seam is properly sealed.
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