So, you’re finally taking that long-awaited trip and you want to make the most of your hotel stay. Whether you’re looking to save money, get a better room, or just have a more enjoyable experience, there are some key things to keep in mind. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a great time!


Check in Early

Checking in to your hotel can be one of the most stressful parts of your trip, especially on a busy weekend or when there’s an influx of visitors. Avoid the dreaded long lines and waiting around by arriving as early as possible at check-in time. This way you’ll get your room assignment quickly, allowing more time for relaxation and exploration—or just a bit more sleep. Not only will checking in early save you from unnecessary stress, but it can also make staying organized throughout your other activities easier. All in all, getting ahead of the crowd is the best bet for having a smooth and enjoyable vacation!


Unpack Your Belongings

The feeling of home is one of the most comforting feelings; it brings warmth and a sense of security which makes you feel truly safe. Unpacking your belongings in your new space can be a wonderful way to try and recreate this feeling. Many hotels have dressers and space to hang up your clothing. Additionally, unpacking your toiletries into the bathroom can also add a homey touch.


Get to Know the Hotel Layout

If you’re planning a getaway, it pays to do your homework and get to know the layout of the hotel you’ll be staying in and all of its amenities. This way, you can make sure that the accommodations align with all of your needs and priorities before you arrive. Take some time to research what facilities the hotel has on-site – such as a pool, gym, or spa – so that you can make the most out of your stay. Doing this little bit of extra work up front will mean more time relaxing when you reach your destination. This is especially helpful with large resorts that offer many amenities you’ll want to take advantage of.


Make Use of the Concierge Desk

The concierge desk is the perfect spot to make all of your restaurant needs a breeze. Whether you are looking for a restaurant recommendation or need to set up dinner reservations, it’s as easy as asking the concierge. Experienced professionals at most concierge desks can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in no time, based on your preferences. They will have extensive knowledge about nearby restaurants and be able to give an honest assessment of each one. Take advantage of their expertise and let them do the searching for you! With the concierge desk, all of your dining needs are taken care of with ease.


Request Extra Towels, Pillows, or Blankets

As a hotel guest, there is nothing worse than not having the necessary items to keep you comfortable. To avoid any discomfort during your stay, you should always request extra towels, pillows, or blankets as soon as you check in if needed. Most hotels are more than willing to accommodate these requests and have plenty of items on-hand for guests who require them. Keeping an eye out for extra amenities can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring a good night’s rest!


Use the Laundry Service

Taking a vacation is an opportunity to get away from your daily responsibilities and enjoy some peace and relaxation; yet, while you’re having a good time, it’s easy to forget about laundry waiting to be done at home. If you’re looking for an easier way to take care of dirty clothes during your break, try using a local laundry service! With laundry services available even in small towns or rural areas, there’s no excuse – free up your schedule a little bit more and utilize this convenient option whenever possible! Hotels will also commonly have these services within their buildings, so check and see if you can take care of this within walking distance.


Tip Generously

A little bit goes a long way when it comes tipping at hotels; most people who work in hospitality industries rely heavily on tips as part of their income so it’s important not only tip generously but also often (for example tipping each day). This will ensure that the staff members remember and appreciate who you are which could potentially lead to future upgrades and special offers down the road!


Leave a Review

After checking out, leave an honest review about your experience with other potential guests; this will help them decide whether or not they want to stay at that particular hotel in the future! Plus, leaving reviews could also help you get discounted rates when booking future stays with that same chain or location.


Moving into a hotel room for the night or for an extended stay can be stressful. Taking some simple steps, like checking in early, unpacking, and using hotel amenities, will ensure that your experience is much easier and more enjoyable. With a little know how and a few requests you’ll have everything you need without the worry of awkward conversations or frustrating situations. And if all else fails, use the concierge as your go-to source of help. They are there to make sure that while you’re away from home, you still feel comfortable and secure during your stay. Hotel experiences should leave you feeling relaxed so take advantage of all the hotel has to offer and make it a special time for yourself!