Any coach will say the same thing; off season is vital as game day. Just like caring for your pool, how you prepare and work between seasons will make a difference in the overall condition of your pool.

As many pool owners know, good pool care begins at summer’s end. Just follow the simple suggestions below to help protect and make sure that your pool is ready after winter.

1. Protect the water.

As temperature drops, microorganism reproduction rate also falls; however, it doesn’t totally stop. A winterizing product that has biocidal components will greatly help in fighting microorganism growth. Making sure the pH level in the pool is correct during winter will ensure that water in the pool will be healthier as spring comes. And since during winter the water doesn’t circulate, the free chlorine will degrade and will not be useful. It is highly suggested that pool winterization product that has algaecides is used.

2. Make sure your winter pool cover or safety pool cover is secure.

Your pool cover can be damaged by snow, the wind, or heavy rain. It is vital to ensure that winter pool covers are properly placed over the pool. For owners of above ground swimming pools, it is critical to check and ensure that your winter seal wraps are secured properly, your heavy-duty air pillow is inflated and holding your cover and your cover cables are correctly tightened. For those who own in-ground swimming pools, it is vital to check if your winter pool covers are secured properly by water bags or water blocks. It is also imperative to check that every safety cover components are locking the cover your deck area.

3. Keep your pool cover clean all winter long.

If you own a backyard pool, you should make sure to have loop-lock type cover for your swimming pool. A dirty pool but properly covered is much better than having a clean pool that is not covered. Also, there is just no better protection for keeping children and animals away from the pool. As what experts suggest, pool covers can be simply hosed regularly to get rid of twigs, leaves, and other rubbish on a day-to-day basis.

4. Keep track of the weather.

If the autumn season has brought heavy rain to your place and you are using a mesh safety pool cover, the winterizing chemicals and chlorine may be less concentrated before winter comes. If this does happen, you may have to add some of the chemicals into the water to make sure they are clean and free from algae.