Many top brands are looking to the social media to extend their reach. The reason behind this is that most of the internet users are on the social media. For that reason, many brands are targeting them, in order to increase their brand awareness. It might not be easy to identify a top brand or a legit one on the social media. There are several scam accounts that use the name of the top brands, which misguide the clients. Nevertheless, here is a guide on how to spot a top brand with their business social profile;

Check the Number of Followers or Likes

In the social media, the popularity of the user will be determined by the number of people who like the page, on Facebook, or the number of Followers, on Twitter. it is determined by the number of audience of the particular brand. This is the first thing you will want to consider. You must ensure that there are a reasonable number of followers of the top brand. There are some brands that can have up to 1 million likes, others can be legit, but have around 100,000 likes, which is also reasonable.

Check the Profile Content

Another thing to consider is the content of the profile. The information must be legit enough with all the relevant details included. Even if a brand runs online, it should also have a physical office. For that, ensure that there is a physical location indicated on the profile. Check if there is a history or about section to know a little more about the brand.

How To Spot A Top Brand With Their Social Profile?

Official Website Link

The social profile or account is only there to boost the popularity of the brand, rather, it is not the official website. It is mostly an account that is dedicated to the clients and allows them to post their complaints. For that, you might want to check on the profile if there is a link to the official website. When you identify the link, you must confirm that it is fully functioning. Click on the link and see that you are taken to the official website.

 Response to the Clients

You will also need to check how they are responding to the client’s complaints on the wall. A top brand will always be ready to serve the clients and answer their questions when they are in need. There is always a representative to handle the complaints. Therefore, a top brand will never ignore the complaints or inquiries of the client.


Another thing to consider is how active the account of the top brand is, mostly, a top brand will not complete a whole hour without updating their status. You might want to go to the profile’s account and check how recent their activities have been. The more recent the activity, the more legit the account is.

These tips will help you know the top brand and confirm that it is a legit one. All that is needed is that you concentrate on the things that will show and prove that the account is fully functioning.