So you’ve decided to get a pool, but do you choose In-ground or above ground concrete pools? Above ground pools are typically associated with more flimsy constructions, but a lot has changed in recent years. With improvements in design and material development making in-ground installation faster and above ground pools Melbourne sturdier. Also the aesthetics of above ground pools have changed making them less gaudy and unattractive than earlier incarnations. So what are the main points of difference?

• You can easily eliminate the excavation costs associated with in ground pools by having an expertly designed and constructed above ground pool. Excavation is one of the more substantial costs of pool installation and this is one of the main appeals to the above ground design.

• If you are planning it rent it is often advisable to use the above ground variety of pool as it is easier to remove and many tenants either avoid houses with pools or let them fall into disrepair. This neglect or avoidance can cause long term expenses, but you can very easily have the perks of a swimming pool without the permanence with above ground pools Melbourne.

• Above ground pools are typically easier to clean, maintain and repair as they do not require large scale ground work to get to the vast majority of the construction.

• Above ground pools have the capacity to be more temporary than their in ground peers. Aboveground concrete pools being less removable than fibreglass models or pools made from other materials.

• In ground pools are often better for larger scale pools and are often considered to be more desirable, but well-constructed above ground concrete pools can also be very attractive in appearance. It all depends on the aesthetic you are looking for.

• In most cases in ground pools and more durable as they have more structural support from the earth. But if the earth is prone to movement, if you live in a rocky area or on a hillside, this stability may be reduced, particularly in concrete models. In these circumstances a fibreglass pool is generally advisable.

• Above ground pools can also be safer where small children are concerned as they are less likely to fall or stumble into the pool. But steep above ground pools can present their own hazards for those with reduced mobility who may find navigating ladders or steps difficult.

• Some homeowners are unable to conduct the excavation necessary for an in ground pool. This could be because of pipes, older constructions and other obstacles. Talking to your swimming pool installation contractor or calling an advisory line such as “Dial before you dig” can give you more information about what is possible on your property and areas to avoid.

No matter what your preference the addition of a professionally installed and designed high quality pool enhances your home and creates a glamorous and fun atmosphere like no other home improvement can. Talk to your local pool installation contractor today about whether an in ground or above ground pool is right for you.