What are the necessary steps to be followed when we need to file a complaint?  Firstly,  call the concerned person and explain your difficulties.  Sometimes a simple phone call can help you get the solution.  When you call them,  be clear on explaining what outcome you need,  what you have received and what are the troubles you are facing. The more clear you explain the more easy it is get them solved.  It is not easy for the person to hear a glance of your problem and get that solved, because he or she will be hearing thousands of problems per day. So be clear on what you say. Also,  it is not assured that you will get a solution in a phone call. You may have to repeat the call twice or thrice in order to get it solved.

It's Never Too Late To File A Complaint, Know It Yourself

Do you have to Submit Any Proofs when you File a Complaint?  

Well, it depends on the scenario.  If you are going to place an online complaint then you may need to place the proofs too. When you purchase something online,  then you will have the proof of purchase which they will be asking you when you give a complaint.  So, have them ready.  It is also sometimes difficult to give a complaint if you do not have them in your hand. However,  you are not restricted to file a complaint if you do not have the proofs, you can go ahead. Analyze in what category your problem would fall in, whether it is minor or major. Minor problems usually deal with small sum of money and less serious.  Major problems deal with huge amount of transactions and business dealings are also involved in it. If it is major what you will be needing – refund the money, get it repaired or replacement of service or product. If it is minor,  then just a phone call would solve it. If none of these works out, what is that we have to do? Just file the complaints legally.  It is as simple as that.

How Effective is Online Complaint Forums? 

In case if nothing works out, then you may file a complaint legally.  Another option instead of filing a complaint legally is to approach social media.  We all know that a complaint filed in a court it is on queue and it may take some time to get a solution.  So what you could try next is the social media.  Social networking is where any information gets immediately spread all over the globe as soon as it is posted. Similarly,  the complaints filed against a company or services will also get spread virally.  So, the companies will take extra care in order to get them the exact solution as soon as possible.

When you need to file a complaint on social media,  then you need to find the true profile of the company where they post exclusive updates. Just drop in a comment with proofs in their wall if it is Facebook. If it is twitter then give a tweet by adding their names in the hash tag. But, wherever you do you have to produce necessary proofs and documents, only then common people would believe and support you. If you try doing this,  then you will never step in courts to file a complaint.  There are online complaint forums where they take in your complaint with necessary details and then take action to get you the solution.  Online complaint forum works in such a way that earlier you raise the complaint,  earlier you get the solution.  Raise your voices to get a better experience through online shopping!