Each space within your home has a specific purpose. And so, it only makes sense to make use of certain types of lighting for you to achieve the atmosphere you want to have for each room. Installing the appropriate types of lighting also helps you perform particular functions better, as they set the mood and prepare you for these tasks and also provide the right amount of illumination you need to be efficient.

Lighting Guide For Every Space In Your Home

Foyer / Hallway Lighting

The foyer or hallway creates the first impression of your home to visitors, so lighting for this entrance area should be warm and inviting. Hall lighting is generally subtle, so ceiling pendants, wall sconces, chandeliers, and lanterns are best for this space. Combine two or three of these lighting fixtures and match these with large mirrors which will heighten the effects of these lights to create an illusion of a more spacious area that is bright and welcoming.

Lighting Guide For Every Space In Your Home

Living Room Lighting

The living room is where the family usually spends most of their leisure time. The lighting for this area should be easily controllable and functional. You should take into consideration natural daylight, not only to save on electricity but also to help bring in a more positive mood into the room. Also consider the positioning of the furniture, television, etc. The ideal light fixtures for the living room would be a ceiling pendant or track lighting paired with floor-standing uplighters. Dimmer switches will make it very convenient to control the level of lighting as needed.

Lighting Guide For Every Space In Your Home

Dining Room Lighting

The dining room should have a relaxing ambiance, where family and friends can come together and enjoy family meals and intimate dinner parties. There should be sufficient lighting directly over the dining table to allow everyone to clearly see each other as well as their food during dinner. A chandelier, ceiling pendant, or flush mount lighting would provide this type of lighting. However, softer lights from wall sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps will be suitable once it is time to serve coffee, to set a more relaxing ambiance as the main focus is shifted towards conversations.

Lighting Guide For Every Space In Your Home

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting should always be task-oriented as this particular space is where a lot of preparations are done – food, coffee, school projects, crafts, and other activities. There should be adequate lighting under kitchen cabinets, above the island, and all throughout the room to avoid unnecessary shadows. Recessed lights would be a great source of general lighting, while under-cabinet lights and kitchen island pendants would provide the task lighting necessary to efficiently perform various tasks.

Lighting Guide For Every Space In Your Home

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is ideally comprised of a mixture of effects over the entire layout that can be adjusted according to your mood. Halogen spots provide bright, clean white light that create maximum lighting. A single shower downlight that is focused is best to provide illumination within the shower area. Bath vanity lights provide task lighting that allows you to perform your personal grooming efficiently.

Lighting Guide For Every Space In Your Home

Bedroom Lighting

Aside from the dining room, the bedroom is another area inside your home that needs a variety of lighting options. Soft lighting from table lamps or wall sconces help to unwind and relax, while general lighting is provided by ceiling lights such as chandelier, pendant light, or flush or semi-flush mounts.

Lighting Guide For Every Space In Your Home

Home Office Lighting

A two-pronged approached to lighting is ideal when it comes to a home office or study room. There should be bright direct lighting such as a halogen desk lamp to provide illumination to a workstation or desk. Soft, dimmable lighting is also needed for leisure use.
With the right mix of light fixtures within your home, you will not only have a more beautiful interior décor, you will also create a better atmosphere that will provide you with the relaxation and efficiency that you need to feel great about yourself each and every day.
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