we staff fully equipped and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we openings, amaestramientos, ties, repair and installation of all kinds of locks.
Specialists in locks of houses, offices and cars.
We offer a fast and professional service experienced.
In Schlüsseldienst Berlin 24 Hours C.A. we are specialized in providing an optimum service and as quickly as possible. Satisfying the needs of our clients and with the best prices. We are specialists in the service of unlocking locks both in your home, work and car. Our team is integrated by the best locksmiths to adopt the most appropriate method in the opening of its door, being guarantors of excellent service. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week we work 365 days a year including holidays.
Respond immediately, we will give you our expected time of arrival and we arrived in a separate vehicle so you will be able to identify our locksmiths easily and with confidence. All our locksmiths certificates are identified withuniform.
Locksmith services of emergency 24 hours 365 days a year.
Opening of Doors houses, apartments, vehicles, installation and changes of cylinders, keys, padlocks, locks, service 24 hours at home, repairing Santamaría, manillonesantipanico, blacksmithing in general.
All brands: Tesa, Venlock, Viro, Multilock, CISA, etc.
We handle technology to ensure a service precise, fast and reliable when it comes to duplicate, starting or repair your lock or any other service that our customers need.
Cerrajeria in the home and office
– Supply and installation of locks.
– Change of combination, equalization and training of locks.
– Manufacture of keys to all kinds of locks.
– Technical Openings houses, vehicles and safes.
– Maintenance and repair of doors temples.
– Maintenance and repair of all types of locks.
– Herrería in general.
– Repair Workmanship Santamaría.
– free budgets.
– embargoes and evictions.
Emergency Cerrajeria
– Opening all kinds of technical of locks.
– Supply and installation of locks.
– Change and combination of locks.
Opening of Safes
– repaired safes.
– Change of combination of safes.
Bank lock CISA
Specialists in installation and sale of bank locks Cisa, what safer than there are to protect your home or business.

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