We’ve all wanted to make our houses look elegant but seem cosy at the same time. Konkana setting up her living room in ‘Wake up sid!’ is one dream I want to live. I’m sure a lot of you would want to do it too, but how do you do that with limited funds!

Make Old Room Look New With These Budget Friendly Tips

Here are some economic ideas to refresh your living room, and feel like your life isn’t such a mess anymore.


Paintings are too old school, and become monotonous after some time. Mirrors are a stylish new way to replace paintings. Mirrors give depth to the room and depending on where it’s placed it could contribute to beautiful lighting. Mirrors are now available with beautiful frames or borders that can give it a nice vintage look or something funkier depending on your choice. Pick one that reflects your personality. Every once in a while you can look into it and remind yourself ‘I’m beautiful’.

Wall Decals

Wall decals are the perfect intermediate option between painting and a wall paper. Wall decals can be used to cover up paint or decorate the walls with beautiful designs that look a lot like paint, only don’t have to paint it, or hire someone to get it done. Decals are really easy to put on the walls. You can use paytm discount coupons to buy them online from any of the online shopping stores. By playing around with the right ones you could use them to tell a tiny story, or just bring out the fun side in you.

Less is More

This is true when it comes to decorating your house. Too many accessories or furniture can make the house look too clustered. Minimum furniture can make the room look spacious. You may want to consider getting rid of a few unnecessary things and make space.

Suspended Décor Accessories

These are very easy to make and can be made from simple objects like glass bottles or lamps. A lot of DIY tutorial videos are available online that can help you decide what suits your home the best. They don’t occupy floor space and give the room an elegant look. Maybe it’s time you put all those hoarded mayo jars to use.

Doodle Wall

Yes, you read that right. Turn one wall in the room into a doodle wall; it could be the one that has the TV mounted on it, or that space next to the shoe rack. A lot of paint options are available, that can wash off stains or marks. Pick a nice background colour and have a doodle wall in the room. You can change the art once a month or as and when you find time to do so. Sometimes you could leave it blank and let the colour do all the talking. (PS: you don’t need to be Picasso!)

Get Colourful!

Be it crockery or furniture or walls, colours never fail to make a statement. Pick contrasting colours or mismatch them as per your choice. Gone are the days when we would all eat from a dinner set with matching bowls and spoons. Experiment with colour and don’t be afraid to use bold ones.