Baldness is one of the most aggressively growing problems in both men and women. The change in lifestyle, eating habits, chemicals in thefood chain, hereditary issues, hormonal imbalance, stress, medical conditions etc. are playing a vital role in increasing the problem beyond imagination. It is a well-known fact that healthy and thick hair gives psychological benefit and helps in gaining confidence. In case you are suffering from acute hair fall that is resulting in bald patches or you have already suffered from baldness, Richfeel has different treatments to offer. These treatments have both surgical and non-surgical procedure which you can choose depending on the condition.

Hair System – Non-surgical Hair Restoration

The non-surgical hair restoration system is a revolutionary system that gives you the right amount of hair on the bald patches. The experts at Richfeel make sure that they take everything from the size of the bald patch to the scalp and skin condition in the consideration before developing the custom hair system.  The non-surgical hair camouflage systems are made of a special derma base which resembles the actual skin. Richfeel uses thebest quality human hair or finest quality synthetic hair for the system. The base provides enough space so that the scalp can breathe properly to avoid any discomfort.

And Cover – Permanent Scalp Cover

It is a procedure in which permanent solution for baldness is provided with the help of latest technique from Israel. It restores the look of the scalp and helps in removing the effects of complete baldness, scars, alopecia etc.

It is an advanced 2-hour procedure which provides instant and permanent scalp cover that is both non-invasive and hassles free. It is best suited for women on early stages of baldness, late stages of baldness in men, patients with scars, hair transplant cases where desired density could not be achieved and in some other cases as well.

Hair Transplant – Surgical Hair

It is a procedure in which the doctor extracts hair from the hair-loss resistant area and implants it on the balding area of the patient. The conventional method which includes stripping off the upper layer of the skin from the donor area and positioning it on the balding area is still a very common practice. However, at Richfieel, the doctors prefer the Aesthetic Hair Implants or AHI which is much less painful and the recovery time in this procedure is also lesser in comparison to the conventional method.

In AHI, up to 5000 hair strands can be implanted in one sitting that means the procedure is completed in comparatively less time. It is highly effective and precise. The recovery time is less and also the patient does not have to stay in the hospital for recovery.

The reviews

A large percentage of the patients who choose surgical or nonsurgical procedures at Richfeel are happy with the results. The staff and the consultants at the institute are friendly and listen to the problem very carefully. According to the patients, the procedures are pocket-friendly and they recommend the procedures to their friends and family as well. Read more on reviews of Richfeel’s Hair Treatment.