Pests are a real nuisance for home-owners, and they can prove to be a problem all year round. However, you are more likely to see certain kinds of pests at specific points in the year. When there is warm weather, for example, you’ll often find that you see insects returning after the winter, whereas the colder months often mean vermin coming into your home for shelter.
We’ve put together a season by season guide on what pests to expect so that you can take preventative action before a problem develops.


In the spring months, you’re likely to see bees and wasps make their first appearance of the year. Flowers beginning to bloom means that there will be insects flocking to your garden and in turn, your home. Not only can these bugs sting and irritate you, they could also cause damage to your home by establishing nests and hives.
Block up any entry points such as cracks and holes now to prevent any damage later on in the year, and vacuum regularly to clear your home of any pests that have made it indoors.


Summer is the time of year when foxes are greatest in number. Why? Well, females give birth to their cubs in the spring – and by the time summer rolls around, those cubs are just beginning to reach independence, meaning that you’ll suddenly notice a lot more foxes in your neighbourhood.
They’re not only a menace when it comes to ripping open bags of rubbish but they can also be a threat to small animals such as rabbits and chickens. Setting up traps or employing the help of a marksman can stop their numbers from rising.


As the weather grows cooler, you’ll find that you spend more time indoors. The problem is, so will all of those nasty creepy crawlies. Yes, insects seek out somewhere warm as the temperature drops – and what better place than a nice cosy house? Whether beetles, spiders or cockroaches, you certainly don’t want to be spending much time with them. Hoovering regularly and using a pest control spray can help to prevent a problem.


With the cold spell well and truly upon us, winter is when you’re likely to see mice and rats in your home. There’s probably nothing better for one of these little critters than your property – warm, full of things to eat and plenty of nooks and crannies to hide away in! To prevent a rodent problem from developing, make sure that there are no holes where they could enter – and avoid leaving food out.

Protect your home now

There’s often a misconception that pests are a summer problem, with the cold weather luring people into a false sense of security. As you can see though, pests are an all-year problem, with some more common in certain seasons than others. If you are worried that you may have an infestation on your property, it’s always worth calling a professional for advice.
They’ll be able to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently, leaving you free to enjoy your home – no matter the weather!
Tony Bond is the Founder of one of capitals leading pest control companies – North London Pest Control.