If you are planning to buy a new home, you should know that there are many buyers and sellers in the market. New constructions are even an option.

So, if you are planning to buy a new home, here are some tips that should be helpful.

Pricing Structure

Understand the pricing structures to find your dream home. However, to understand the same, one must first understand the factors that influence the price for a new construction home that includes labor, market conditions, locations, square footage of home, land cost, quality of building materials and impact fees.

Planning To Buy A New Home?

Impact fees are imposed on the builders.

Local Agent

Hiring a local agent is important because he is familiar with the local market and can guide you with the new construction process as well.

Also, there are licensed real estate agents hired by builders to represent the builders. They are not realtors, and they are not bound to represent you as the buyer.

Talking about the representation, the agent will accompany you to visit the model home for the first time. However, if you wish to go new home shopping on your own, the right to representation may be waived.

Time to Buy a Newly Constructed Home

In most of the cases, new home builders are publically traded companies usually owned by stockholders. The company is held accountable by the shareholders to meet projections and sales goals. So, as a home buyer, you can expect new home builders will give you an incentive so that they can meet their goals.

However, if we understand the trend, end of a year is the best time to negotiate with builders and agents to get great incentives.


As a new home buyer, it is a good thing to understand the market before we invest our savings in it. Reading a guide on the topic, one can expect to know what and how should one decide before buying a new home.

There are a number of expenses and details we aren’t looking into. Reading such guides will help you understand the same in depth.

If you want to buy one, you can buy it online at Sears.com. Sears.com offers a variety for the buyers. Look for the product and get exclusive discounts and offers on the same.

For additional discounts and best offers, you should use coupon codes. Sears closeout sale are available at periodically. Coupon codes have an expiry date. So, make sure that you choose unexpired coupon codes and make the most of them.


Well, what matters in real estate transactions is what is written by the parties. So, if the agent has told you something and you do not find the same in writing, then get it written.

In case of resale real estate transactions, there are standardized forms that are prepared by the team of attorneys.

Apart from this, what else should one do as a new home buyer? Have a tip for the readers?

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