So you have a plumbing or drainage issue in your home, who do you call? With the many different services offered, it can be tough to distinguish who can help with a plumbing problem in your home in the best way. It’s time to get informed so that the next time you have an issue, you can call the right person. To help answer the question of what the difference is between plumbers and drain contractors, take a look below.

Plumbers vs Drain Contractors

A common problem among homeowners is the experiencing of slow moving or bad smelling drains. This usually indicates a blocked drain, but often the blockage occurs outside of the home in the pipes below. When this problem calls for either a drain to be unblocked, replaced, or relined, or a pipe bursts, you should call a drainage specialist to help you out. While many people only think to call a drainage specialist when a problem occurs, they can also help prevent issues from even happening. This can be done by conducting a drain survey using cameras to check the conditions of drains and pipes. The cameras allow the specialist to see hard to reach areas and identify potential problems early. Another thing that drainage specialists work on is septic tank issues. Your tank must be emptied regularly by a septic waste removal company, but if there are any other issues your drainage specialist will take care of it.

You will need a plumber if you have water pressure issues or problems with water entering your home such as leaky taps, pipes, or toilets. Do not call a plumber if you have an issue with sewer pipes, as they do not usually work on these types of pipes. If you have an issue with a sewer pipe, call a drainage specialist right away to avoid health hazards or damage to your property and those around you. The main job of a plumber is to deal with anything concerning water supply, and they do not usually deal with anything exiting the property.

If you have identified a problem that needs a drainage specialist, or you are hoping to scan for potential future issues, contact Wet Coast Drainage today.