Choosing a plumber is a task that should not be taken lightly; some effort and research needs to be put into it.  Aside from the normal yellow pages, internet searches, and customer testimonials; put social media to use for you.  The social media pages can often give clearer picture of the plumber and their work ethics.

Ask Your Friends

If you are looking for a plumber, put it out there on your social media page.  Your friends will be more than eager to give you their opinion.  Most of them have probably had to hire a plumber in the past and can share their experience with you.  They are your friends and they do not work for the plumber so, they are going to be honest.   This is probably the best way to weed out the bad plumbers because; everyone loves to vent and tell the tale of when they were wronged by a service company.

Does the Plumber Have a Social Media Page?

While you are on the social media site do a quick search for the plumber you may have in mind for the job.  Take a little time to look through the page; see if there are pictures because they are worth a million words.  Read through some of the banter on the page and see how they treat the customers that have left post; both the happy customers and the upset customers.

What Social Medias Are Out There?

There are a vast number of social media sites on the World Wide Web so, instead of trying to cover them all we are going to talk about the top sites that will be most useful.  It will do you not a bit of good to go looking for information on a plumber by visiting a site that has 5,000 users; you want the large sites with the most users.

The first and foremost social media site to tune into is Facebook.  They have been the top site for many years and probably will remain so for a while.  This is a topnotch place to get opinions from friends and opinions from their friends.

Twitter is growing daily but, being that they only allow 140 characters you probably won’t get the full picture of an unhappy customer.  You might want to reserve this site when looking for happy customers because; happy customers always have less to say than angry ones.

Top of the list for businesses that want to use social media is LinkedIn and a good place to begin looking for a plumber.  This is a place where they can boast their skills and try to gain a larger customer base.

There are other sites out there that are all the craze right now but, they are more for sharing pictures and videos.  You might find something useful so it won’t hurt to check them out.  Those would include SnapChat, YouTube, InstaGram, Vine, and Tumblr.  Whichever site you choose just be sure to take full advantage of the information.