If you are getting ready for carpet installation Alpharetta in your home, there are several important things you need to get ready for carpet installation before the carpet installation contractors arrive. There are many steps you should take but you must first, ensure that you have the right installers and, second, ensure that your home and belongings are protected and your sub floor is ready for the job to be done.

Finding the right installer: Finding the right carpet installation Lawrenceville expert is the first step in the process, and this is not always as simple as hiring the installer from the flooring store. In order to avoid paying too much for shoddy service, keep in mind that there are certain things that all good installers will provide. The first is references; if you are given references, make sure you call them to verify they are real. If possible, visit the references to see the installer’s work. Also keep in mind that installers should provide proof of their liability insurance and any warranty they offer. In the carpet installation warranty, a one-year written warranty is standard. Do not accept a verbal warranty, because these are not legally binding.

Preparing For Carpet Installation

Get the paperwork in order: Before the carpet installation Alpharetta proper begins, make sure you get the paperwork you need. Ask for a written diagram that shows where the seams will be placed, and get a document that outlines what the installer will do. Who is responsible, for instance, for moving furniture and adjusting doors? Also get in writing details about the party responsible for removal and disposal of old carpeting. You will pay for this service if you rely on the carpet installation Marietta contractor to do it, so make sure you want to pay this fee instead of handling the issue on your own.

Prepare for the carpet installation: Once you have found your carpet installation Lawrenceville Company and have all of the paperwork in order and a date set for the installer to come do the job, you might want to prepare your home for the process. If you will be handling the removal of your old carpeting, take the time to inspect your sub flooring, or the floorboards where your carpeting will be placed. This should be clean, and you should fill all holes and cracks to help the carpet lay properly. Have the job done when the home is room temperature, as this will help the carpet to stretch properly.

As you plan for seam placement during the carpet installation, consider placing them under the primary light source, as bright lighting hides seams. Avoid placing seams in high traffic areas, and consider placing them under furniture. Never allow the installer to overlap the pad seams and carpeting seams, as this will cause them to wear faster. Remember, carpet installation Alpharetta is a big investment of your money, so you want to make sure it is done well. Choosing the right installer and preparing properly for the task will give you beautiful results that will also stand the test of time.