If you are fond of entertaining guests at your home and would now like to treat them to unlimited delicious drinks, then putting a bar together will be an excellent project for you. Owning a personal bar has many advantages. You don’t have to spend time travelling in order to get a drink. You can avoid drunks who ruin the whole drinking experience. In other words, if you are not fond of visiting public bars and meeting strangers over the counter, then a having a ready bar at home is a perfect alternative for you.

If you already have a bar in place but want to refurbish it, then read these simple tips and get started on your project.

1. Bar Molding

Bar moldings are essential for your bar countertops. Bar moldings can really help prevent your drink spillages from reaching the floor in addition to providing a comfortable arm rest for your guests. Bar moldings are available in different varieties of wood and can also be purchased online. Some of these are extremely affordable. And since many bar moldings come precut, they can be easily fitted to a countertop with the help of a hammer, nails, sanding paper, and varnish to provide a striking finesse to match the décor of the rest of the bar. 

Real Men Build Their Own Bar

2. Bar Refrigeration

A mini refrigerator may not solve the problem for you and your friends if what you prefer is chilled beer. Consider having your own kegerator. Alternatively, you can also get a beverage center installed underneath the counter with a temperature regulatory system in order to store canner beers, wine bottles, etc. This beverage center will prove extremely useful in providing your drinks the right amount of chill. 

3. Bar Lighting

The right lighting can set the right mood required for a bar encounter. LED lighting is the most preferred choice of homeowners as it bathes the entire bar space into a sleek surreal glow. It is one of the most graceful accessories for a bar. You can buy LED-strips that come in a variety of colours and can be cut into varying lengths depending on the available power supply. The lights can also be fitted both underneath and above the bar top to achieve a sophisticated ambience. 

4. Back Bar 

Every bar needs a back bar. Mostly all bars have open shelves that stock different kinds of liquor bottles. This takes up the bar décor up a notch and looks very classy. To spice up the look of the back bar, you can consider installing textured tiles or panels that come in a range of patterns and colours. You can also buy accessories for the bar from Arttdinox to add a personal touch.

Following these simple steps will have your home bar ready in no time. No more going out on a Saturday night; you can very well play the host and throw parties that continue way past the midnight curfew!

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