In the very hectic 21st century, homes are undergoing revolutions of their own. The current trend which is sweeping houses and homeowners altogether is this – if you’re not using a room for its specific function, then repurpose that room by converting it into a space which you’d find more useful. Most of the time, it is the dining room which is the first room in line for the chopping block. Formal dining rooms have become vestigial organs of houses everywhere. Just ask yourself, when was the last time that you actually used your formal dining room for its intended purpose? No, using it when preparing your taxes does not count.

If you’re on board with the idea of converting your formal dining room into another kind of space, below are some steps for doing so:

Step 1:Find out how you would like to use your Room.

Before you can make any changes (don’t even move that table just yet), it’s time for you to sit down with yourself or members of your family to plan out how you’ll be using your dining room. What do you most need the space for? Have you been bringing home piles of work without any home office to set it on? Then you just might benefit from a home office. Or maybe you’d like to come home to some place where you can take your mind off work and relax. Then you’re better off converting your old formal dining room into an entertainment room.

Redecorating Your Old Dining Room

Step 2: Do you need to make structural changes to your Room?

If you’re thinking of using your room into a library, then you’d have to put in shelves, maybe ceiling-to-floor bookcases and maybe a moving stair as well. This would entail some degree of structural changes to your room but not really that significant. However, the physical structure is just one thing to consider, but the lights and the electrical lines will also have to be changed. Do you expect to be plugging in a lot of electric devices for your new home office? Then maybe you’d need to have more sockets installed. And of course, reading and writing becomes such a torture without any good lighting.

Step 3: Complete the Transition making the right Decorative arrangements.

Now it’s time for you to truly commit to your new room. No more half-hearted re-decorations at this point or else your furniture will seem misplaced with the spirit of your old dining room still lingering. This includes taking a look at the state of your renovated room and how it compares to the rest of rooms. Professionals from Nick Scali have these questions you can use. How does it fit in with the overall scheme of your home? Does it make sense or does it seem like you cut and pasted something totally different into your home? Since you’re carving a new den in your house and turning it into a completely unique space, don’t be afraid to make all the necessary adjustments to ensure that the final look works perfectly.

Jade Howell, a professional interior designer and writer, shares the best tips when it comes to home furniture. She has several interesting suggestions when decorating indoor spaces at home.