Consumer insight is the process of understanding and using data to understand and influence customer behavior. Which is obviously one of the most useful things you can do to deliver what your customers want. Though consumer insights have various uses in marketing, product development, service engineering, etc., it is most commonly known as the data-driven approach companies use. Various resources are used to collect consumer insights. Here is a list of the best tips: 


1. Research

As a marketer, you want to know more about your customers. What are their demographics? How do they react to certain products and services? What is their buying behavior? Are they happy with your current product line, or would they prefer something else? To get the answers to these questions, market research is conducted. This includes phone interviews, surveys, and focus groups.


2. Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is among the most desired data from a marketer’s perspective. However, customer sentiment is hard to measure or analyze because it involves a subjective opinion of the customer. For this reason, feedback users use programs like SurveyMonkey and hangout to get customers’ opinions. Surveymonkey is used in marketing companies, while technology companies use hangouts in their development stages to gather customer feedback on various topics, including product development and service improvement. Companies also use customer feedback to gauge their client’s needs. For example, a restaurant owner can use customer feedback to determine what food preferences their customers are.


3. Social Media Monitoring

Using social media monitoring tools is an effective way to gather data about your customers. Tools like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram can provide you with data that includes information about their usage of the platform, things bought from your competitors, reviews about the product and services, etc. This consumer insights service resource is especially useful when looking at a new product or service.


4. Rating Systems

Using rating systems does not accurately represent your customer’s views because it only shows what they say rather than how they feel. However, using these systems is a great way to collect customer feedback, either in the form of opinions or votes. This applies to online reviews and ratings since online shoppers have become a large part of the consumer market. Companies use these ratings to improve the quality of their services and products.


5 Consumer Panel

A consumer panel is a group of people a market research company contacts regularly to provide feedback about various topics such as product usage, willingness to buy, etc. The information provided by these panels helps companies understand the consumers’ preferences and loyalty toward their products, which can be used in developing new products or services.


In conclusion, various resources can be used to gather consumer insight information. Unfortunately, no resource works better than any other to gather this data. Since each company has different requirements and objectives when gathering the data, they need to use only the resources tailored to their needs.