Rishikesh, the pristine town is situated in the Himalayan foothill, along the banks of the river Ganges. Rishikesh is located in the Indian State of Uttaranchal. Rishikesh has been many spiritual meaning attached its existence and thus, has been the magnet for spiritual seekers and yoga enthusiasts. Yoga courses in Rishikesh has bloomed in various areas along the banks of river Ganges.

Rishikesh, The Yoga Capital Of The World

Yoga school in Rishikesh has mushroomed in every nook and cranny and has turned to be an element that adds to the spirituality that radiates from this place. It is called to be the Yoga captital of the world because of the number of ashrams and Yoga courses in Rishikesh.

These Yoga school in Rishikesh are located in the northern part of the place. Most of them are surrounded by forested mighty mountains on three sides and have the Ganges washing the shore, on the forth side. The gentle pleasant breeze from the river and the fresh crisp air of the mountain greet each yogi, sadhu and traveller. The soothing sound of the gravels as the rub on one another with the flow of river Ganges, relaxes the minds of people, who travelled to Rishikesh in search of peace.

Yoga courses in Rishikesh are not just for those who are the experts and masters of yoga, it is open for beginners and all the people from different walks of life. It is for all, all who search for mindfulness and self-actualisation. For Yoga isn’t just for achieving a healthy body, but it is also healthy mind. These courses promote health and not just believe in prevention of illness. These Yoga school in Rishikesh, consider aim at achieving all round health in mental, physical and social terms. Yoga, in Rishikesh and all over India and across the world is looked at to be not just a form of exercise but a way of living all together.

Rishikesh, The Yoga Capital Of The World

Yoga is of varying types, catering to the needs of different people who come for yoga courses in Rishikesh. Each individual looks at Yoga is to be the solution for various problems. Few take it to be a solution for health issues, for those with troubled mind it serves to be the path towards a peaceful existence.

For beginners, there is Hatha yoga wherein the each posture is held for a couple of breathes. The yoga practices varies from hot and Ashtanga yoga which is fast moving to Yin Yoga, for balancing of mind and body. There are many who practise Hasya Yoga which is laughing therapy on the banks of river Ganges.

Yoga, does mean different things to different people. Each person finds its solace in Rishikesh and in Yoga in a variety of ways. Meditation and various therapies along the banks of river Ganges, fresh gentle breeze of the mountains, the sound of chirping birds, tingling bells and the river soothes and heals not just our body but also the soul of in numerous travellers, seekers and explorers.

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