Many homeowners and tenants in Swansea are still paying more than they need to on their energy bills. Inefficient homes cost a lot more money to run, but they can be improved. If you’re fed up of paying expensive bills every quarter, work through the tips below and start saving money immediately.

Turn Off the Lights

Lighting might not seem like a big drain on your energy usage but turning them off can save you around £10 a year. It might not sound a lot but that’s not all you can do. If you replace your light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives you can save on average around £50 a year on top. The light bulbs last much longer too and the Energy Saving Trust says that each bulb you replace will save you around £120 over its lifetime. As you can see it’s certainly a good idea not to ignore the lighting in your home.

Turn Down Your Thermostat

There is no need to have your home heated to 20 degrees throughout the day and night. Turn down your thermostat to keep the room between 18 or 19 degrees instead and choose to wrap up in some extra clothing instead of turning the heating up.  Turning the thermostat down a notch (or two) saves you around £60 a year, so when you combine that with your lighting savings you’re already making a big difference to your energy expenses.

Replace Your Old Boiler

Replacing an old boiler will make a significant difference to your energy bills. Modern models are far more efficient and will help to reduce your bills by almost £250 per year. You will recover the cost of the work that’s required in no time and then the money you save is money in your pocket. This is a great option to choose, especially if you have a big family.

Save Money with PVC Windows

If you have PVC windows in Swansea you will reduce your bills by approximately £165 per year. There is an initial cost but the windows will last for a couple of decades or more and make a different to the look and the feel of your home. Old windows allow cold air to leak inside and warm air to escape, meaning you have to have the heating on for longer to acquire a comfortable temperature.

Double glazing is far more efficient and during the winter you can add to the efficiency even more by putting up thick curtains. Remember to close all the curtains in your home at night time and place blockers at the bottom of your doors too. Keep the curtains open during daylight hours though as the sunlight does help to heat up the property.

These are just a few of the ways you can begin to save money by improving the efficiency of your home. If you follow these tips and become more aware of your energy usage you’ll find your bank balance looks healthier in no time.


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