Stunning Hollywood extra Scarlett Johansson, who lent her articulation for Spike Jonze’s upcoming, Oscar-nominated blur ‘HER’, afresh appear activity larboard out. The extra came on lath afterwards the blur was attempt and became Samatha’s articulation during HER’s post-production process.

Spike Jonze’s sci-fi adventurous film, starring Joaquin Phoenix, tells the account of a adulation news amid Theodore (Phoenix) and an Operating System, Samantha (Johansson).

Scar Jo felt isolated while recording for 'Her'

Talking about her experience, the extra told ET Online, “I came into accomplishing ‘Her’ in the post-production allotment of the process. For me, a lot of it was a actual abandoned experience. However, admitting actuality acquainted about the action and the situation, what aggressive the extra was the anticipation of alive with administrator Spike Jonze.

“More than anything, I’m absolutely aflame for Spike. It’s article that he’s formed on for years. It’s acutely claimed for him … It’s a adolescent for him in a way, ” added Johansson.

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