As soon as tourists step on the Irish land, there are rushing to buy everything that is sold by handicraft workshops or street vendors. But there is no need to hasten: it’s better to bring from Ireland the most colorful and iconic things reflecting national spirit and character. So, what souvenirs should you buy in Dublin?


Irish Whiskey

The best gift from Ireland is the famous whiskey. In fact, this country is considered to be the birthplace of this drink. For a long time, the locals used whiskey as a medicine, calling it “The Water of Life”. In order not to get confused in drinks, it’s worth remembering the separation according to sorts: whiskey can be single malt (made of barley malt), clean (with green barley), single-grained (column distilling apparatus is used for production) and blended (a mixture of the previous varieties). While choosing whiskey, it’s worth looking at the most titled and legendary brands: Jameson, Tullamore Dew or Bushmills. Whiskey of these producers differs with surprisingly mild taste and delicate aroma with a flavor of walnut, wood and lemon.

Aran Sweater

Any corner of the world can become famous for something branded, and Aran Islands have become famous for sweaters. They are made by a unique technique, decorated with intricate weaving and harnesses. For a long time local wives used to make knitted sweaters to their fishermen husbands, and mothers to sons.
In warm weather, the coat leaves the body temperature normal, and in the cold – protects from the cold. So, this sweater becomes not just a pleasant souvenir, but also a practical investment of money.

Aran sweaters.

Each pattern on the sweater has its significance: for example, diamonds promise prosperity, chains – family ties. It’s believed that the patterns can even identify the author and belonging to the genus. Remaining traditional clothing, sweater still corresponds to fashion trends. If you want to buy Aran sweater, it’s better to go directly to Aran Islands. Unlike manufactured sweaters, they are knit by hand.

The cost of such sweaters starts from 20 Euros.

Crystal Glassware

Crystal - #ds483

Another Irish specialization is crystal glassware. Moreover, the best is the one that is made in Waterford. There’s a factory where crystal glassware undergo the strictest control: the slightest defect can be the reason of breaking a crystal vase or tray. Sometimes tourists think that it’s troublesome to buy crystal glassware abroad. However, it’s possible to choose the product that doesn’t require any transportation effort. In Ireland you can buy crystal candlesticks, ashtrays, mugs, Christmas decorations and glasses. Let the souvenir be small, but it’s made of genuine and valuable crystal.


What's common to Irish and Serbs?

You can bring from Ireland original jewelry that will be associated exclusively with this spectacular country. Jewelry with Celtic motifs has long been the pride of the Irish, and designers have picked up the idea, creating a variety of gold, silver and ceramic jewelry for any budget. It’s possible to buy it both in the shop of a provincial craftsman and boutiques of major brands, for example, Solvar. They offer jewelry with a shamrock and an Irish cross, as well as Claddagh rings. In the collections of jewelry boutiques in Ireland there are brooches, pendants, earrings and bracelets with traditional motifs.


Irish tweed 100% wool handbags and matching coin purses

Tweed wares won’t take a lot of place in the luggage and at the same time can be a good souvenir. However, they should be bought exactly at family factories in Donegal, because the Irish market is full of Chinese counterfeits. Traditional producers not only allow visitors to visit the factory, but also talk about the history of family manufacturing, demonstrate historical weaving machines. What is made of tweed in Ireland? The answer is coats, jackets, scarves, kepi, hats, berets and even bags. The Irish believe that there’s no alternative to tweed clothing in the wet weather. That is why it will be always a relevant and popular gift.


Leprechaun is a folkloric character. In Ireland, there’s an incredible array of souvenirs depicting Leprechaun. In mass culture, it’s customary to associate it with green clothes, and many tourists even purchase Leprechaun suits. A funny little man has become a true symbol of the country, and the guests of Ireland cannot go home without a gift in the form of Leprechaun. In the shops you can find soft toys, gingerbread, horseshoes with a Leprechaun sitting on them, statuettes, utensils in the form of Leprechaun shoes, embroidery, as well as colorful books.

Ireland is a beautiful country with a unique atmosphere and fortitude. Traditional Irish symbols show the high development of the country’s culture, which has been formed for many years since the time of the Vikings. Now this is a modern community, and you have a chance to touch its history by purchasing one of the traditional souvenirs. So, you can rent a car in Dublin and go on an unforgettable shopping trip to the Irish capital.