There are two parts of your home that are critical to the survival of the structure long term. They are the foundation and the roof. The roof of your home is the protection against sun, wind, rain and in some cases sleet and snow. It is the single most used part of the home and it must be maintained in order to protect the home and those who live there.

If the roof of a dwelling fails, ceilings, walls, floors and everything in between are damaged. This cost the homeowner more money in repairs, replacement of contents, power costs and comfort. But that is not all. The roof of our homes blocks out moisture. If moisture seeps in there is a good chance that mold will grow. This is a major health concern, especially for the very young and the very old.

With this much riding on the condition of the roof of a home; why would anyone attempt a roof repair without the help of a professional? The top two reasons homeowners claims are:

1. Cost

2. It looks easy!

Let’s take a closer look at these two claims.


In a single winter, the cost of a professional roof repair job often pays for itself in fuel savings. Though a homeowner may think it is less expensive to repair the roof than to have someone else do it; improperly done costs much more in heating and cooling costs.

A professional West Palm Beach roofing company has the proper equipment to repair the roof of your home. There is much more skill needed than the ability to climb a ladder while wearing a tool belt. Every year people are injured or killed from accidental injury sustained while attempting to fix their own roofs.

Falls are probably the most common accident. Falls from the roof of a house while carrying tools and supplies (which one can land on); is never a good thing. The expense of injury, medical expenses, loss of wages or in some cases funeral expenses; are much more costly than a roof repair.

Lack of professional quality materials makes for a poor quality repair.

It Looks Easy?

Have you ever watched a pro-basketball player at work? They float from one of the court to the other. They almost seem to pluck up the basketball and place it right in the net. But if you are not a pro-basketball player, you would be hard-pressed to ever touch the basketball and getting to the other side of the court would be difficult or impossible. It looks easy, because of years of training! The same is true with roofing.

Roofing looks easy because the pro-roofer has the knowledge on how to do the job safely and effectively. He completes his training and then 2-3 years of apprenticeship work before you ever meet him.

If you need a roof repair, do not make the mistake of a do it yourself job. Call a professional roofing company for safety and quality.

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