Many apartment bathrooms are often too small. This is especially common in older apartments or buildings that have been divided up in to multiple smaller apartments. When space is cramped, clutter and mess can easily get out of control!

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can fight back bathroom clutter, even in the smallest of bathroom spaces.

Small Apartment Bathroom Cleaning Tips

If a small apartment bathroom is cramping your style and causing a cluttered mess, here are some tips to clean things up:

  •  Strategic storage – If there are items that you don’t need on a regular basis, check to see if you could store them long term elsewhere in your home. When your bathroom is small, you want to prioritize in-bathroom storage for the items you need most regularly. Anything you use less than twice a year? Consider moving them elsewhere.
  • Wall mounted shelves – When your small bathroom is lacking cabinet and closet space, clutter starts to accumulate everywhere! If you have empty wall spaces, you can use them as an opportunity to clear the mess. Stack up some wall mounted shelves to expand the bathroom’s organization space. Following are a couple of often-neglected spots for shelves…
  • Over the toilet – If you’re short on bathroom space, you’re probably already using the space on top of your toilet reservoir for some storage. To take full advantage of this space, consider installing shelves all the way up to the ceiling here. This allows for a stable shelving that can keep your products clean, tidy, and organized.
  • Over the door – For less-frequently used items, the space above the door frame is a great storage location. A shelf up there is perfect for things, such as extra toilet paper rolls.
  • Shower Baskets – When you have a stand up shower, you often don’t have enough space to put your shower products. Consider using wall mounted shower baskets and shelves to keep the products off the ground and in arms reach.
  • Second shower curtain rod – As an alternative or supplement to a shower caddy, you can put up another curtain rod on the inside of the shower to hang baskets from it for added storage space.
  • Mirrored cabinet – Take advantage of the 2-in-1 mirrored cabinets. You already need a mirror and some storage space. Instead of taking up two separate spaces, combine them into one!
  • Magnets – Little metal odds and ends can be a hassle to store neatly. Things like bobby pins can get lost very easily. With a magnetic strip or board on your wall, you can simply stick them there for quick and tidy storage. You can take it even further by putting little magnetic sticker to small makeup containers.

You can start planning on the things you would be needing on a daily basis and also the must-have extra items like toilet papers, towels etc. This will help you get rid of a lot of clutter from the bathroom and it would be really easy for you to manage them.

Using wall mounted bath and shower accessories will be a great way to manage items which you would be needing on a daily basis, especially the ones which can be wall mounted saves a lot of space.

Each bathroom has its own uniqueness and it is according to our needs and comfortability that we can manage it. This is an article a guidance for you to make your bathroom, although small, can be maintained efficiently.

I believe that home management is an art where you give life to your imagination. Every design, every idea which is unique from the other is what a home owner always expects to have for their home, to stand out from the rest. I feel satisfied and happy when I can help others to make their dream home, a reality. – Mayes Marilynn.