If you own an ecommerce site, you must be involved in the online marketing activities. But for gaining the followers and spreading your brand, you can follow certain methods through Instagram.

Identify The Images Which Work For Others In Your Niche Market: Audience will prefer consistency and therefore it is very important in branding your images. Trust can easily be gained if you can post the images in a consistent manner.

  • Create Short List For Competition: According to the niche market, you can create a short list of all your competitors. They can be present in the Instagram since long time and may have a successful brand strategy. Those strategies can be applied in your new account if they are relevant.
  • Search : From the search option , you can easily search the hash tags as well as the Instagram users. After pulling up the Instagram accounts of different users, you must observe about their activities. Check out the ways in which their images are speaking about their brand.
  • Do What You Like: Always try to put in some uniqueness in your posts. If you look into the accounts of various people, you can obtain better idea and can change the look and feel of your Instagram account.

Engage Yourself With Others: To make yourself and your brand visible, you must engage yourself with the other users. You can try to be the first person for commenting or liking on a new post, uploaded by other users. Though people can easily get involved within the Instagram account, you need to take a step forward by making the first move.

Inspirational Posts: If you want to gain Instagram followers, you can share inspirational photos. When it comes to creation of brand awareness, you can share the inspirational posts for converting your audience. Simple pictures from your phone will not work always and you need to increase your efforts for improving it.

Use Hash Tags:  Hash tags can be used for maximizing your reach and spreading your brand. Google uses keywords for improving the ranks whereas Instagram uses the hash tags. In the search tab of Instagram, you can search for the hash tags. So you need to target the hash tags depending on the popularity and the relevancy. If you are not using any hash tags, you are not categorizing the images. This will only reach your current followers and can never attract audience. So whenever you are posting, make use of the hash tags for maximizing the reach.

Think Out Of The Box : When you are thinking out of the box, the engagement will improve. You need to keep in mind that other social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook can be connected and the images can be posted at the same time. So you are required to think out of the box and not just remain confined with Instagram.

Track And Grow :  For growing properly, you need to track wisely. You can use the Iconosquare for knowing the return on investment. Even if you think that your investment is worth, you can track the following :

  • What are the posts that get comments, re-posts and likes?
  • Number of followers which are losing or gaining
  • What are the posts which resonate best?

After 2 months of regular posting, you may have accumulated with a huge chunk of data. The data can be used for your advantage and a clear overview should be presented in front of the audience. You must take note of the filters which work best in Instagram and what are the posts which gain the most followers.