Garden has always been a heart of the house and also one of the most fascinating things in the house. Everyone loves a landscape and they love to install various varieties of flowers and trees in their open space. Such spaces always gives a soothing relaxation to the people as they enjoy their morning and evening tea with the blooming flowers and sweet voices of the birds. They need a proper positioning i.e. get it installed where there is a sufficient amount of sunlight and it is easy to give water to the plants and trees of the garden.

Now days there are terrace gardens which are getting popular day by day. It is a garden which is built on the terrace, patio or roof. These are very popular in the urban cities, as there is very less housing space. So, people build it on their roof tops. If you want to build such a landscape in your house you can take the help from Terrace garden services who inspect the available space of your house from every angle and guide you with the estimated cost of building the a colorful scenery. They will also tell you that whether it is right to install it or not. If they give you a permission to build it then you can contact to any good and reputable company to get a soothing environment at your rooftop.

Terrace Garden: Services To Help You In Building Of A Terrace Garden

Elements Required for Building a Terrace Garden

There are few elements which you need in order to install a landscape at your terrace such as –

  • Space – first thing which you need to find is a suitable space. Choose a place where sunlight is there for at least 3-4 hours. The more sunlight falls, the more improved and nourished you plants will be. Make sure that you perform the work of waterproofing the surface of the roof, before proceeding with the work.
  • Containers – containers are very essential elements to grow the plant. There are many different designs of containers available in the market which you can purchase for adding to the beauty of the space. For the first timers, it is advised that you should stick to the traditional containers which almost look like a pot. There are many different things which you can use as a container like paint box, 5-10 liter liquid bottle, milk crate and many more. Containers will help the plant, soil, water and other elements to stick together which will result in better plant growth.
  • Sunlight – every plant has different requirement of sunlight. Some plants can grow in semi shade while some plants need proper 3-4 hours of sunlight. There are some plants that require more than 4 hrs of sunlight while some less. That’s why consult with an expert like before selecting the plants for your garden. Water is also very essential for proper growth of the plants so make sure that you proper provide water to the plants as per the requirements.