Here you have the special and the happening villas for rent in Lombok. These are great villas to match with your necessities and requirements in staying. A peep inside will help you find with all the essentialities. This is the reason you have all the great things inside the villas to make both your days and nights so bright and special. At Lombok you have villas of all sizes and price ranges. You can come to the place to stay with your family and you can even spend the days forlorn among exquisite loneliness and tranquillity. In fact, this is a great way to spend time at Lombok and feel on top of the world.

The Specialty of the KiES Villa in Lombok

Among the special homes and Villa for rent Lombok you have the wondrous destination of KiES Villa. This is a fabulous staying ground and this is a perfect two bedroom villa for your advantage in staying. This is the contemporary styles villa to stay in and it is different from the other rental homes that you have in vicinity. You have lots of space inside the villa and this makes you stay in absolute comfort. This is the best place where you can enjoy your holidays and be at the peak of entertainment and luxury.

The All Special Villas With Great Architecture At Lombok

 The Pleasure of Staying at the Cantik Villa

You can even make a stay at the Villa Cantik. This is a three bedroom Villa and it is located at the destination of the hills and thus you feel happy to be at nature’s lap. This is where you can live in the exquisite area of Senggigi and from here you can enjoy the stunning views of Lombok. From the bedrooms you can have the fantastic views of the ocean and in case you are living at the ground floor you are sure to enjoy a direct visit to the area of the infinity pool places just before the Cantik Villa.

The arrangement at Cantik Villa is just unimaginable. You have all provisions to sit and enjoy time in utter relaxation. From the rooms you can enjoy the perfect view of the sunset. The living room of the villa is so spacious and you have the open kitchen where you can prepare the dish of your choice. It is just like being in home among all opulence and necessities required while staying. You just have to drive short in order to reach to the famous bars and restaurants of Sengigi when staying at the Cantik Villa.

The Extraordinary Villa Abu Abu

You even have the fantastic Villa Abu Abu. This is the specially decked two bedroom Villa for rent Lombok and it has its location in the perfect village location of Kerandangan. The main attraction of the villa lies in its double staged swimming pool and the wonder garden at best makes you feel like being in heaven. At the garden you can view the special tropical plants of Lombok. The villa looks great with the mixed architecture of Sasak and Balinese. In fact, you have all the ornamented necessities inside to feel the pleasure of being in the paradise.