Every New Year brings about new top 10 lists and ratings.  The best movies of the previous year are awarded, the biggest events of the year prior are told and the guesses are placed on who will be the top dogs in each industry for the coming year.  Did you know there are over 2,000 home security companies nationwide?  If you wanted to, you could go start your own today with little capital to raise!  With little expertise required it can be scary to choose the correct one and not get scammed.

The Big Top 10 Home Alarm Systems Shared To The Public

Research the History of the Big Top 10

Before choosing any of the best home alarm systems, you will want to make sure each company has a solid history.  Any company with a history of 5 years or shorter should be crossed off your list.  Why?  Because over 80% of alarm companies sell out to a larger company or go out of business within 5 years.  With all the overhead of technicians, monitoring station, equipment and paying sales reps it can difficult to stay in business in this competitive industry.

Once you have narrowed it down to 1-3 companies with a steady history background, you will want to compare equipment.  Each company uses different equipment for security cameras, door sensors, and wireless and wired control panels.  If you rent, make sure you have the landlord’s permission to install anything where you are renting from.

The Big Top 10 Home Alarm Systems Shared To The Public

Last of all, choose.  It is better to choose and start with a company sooner than later. Why?  Like other things in life, home alarm systems are pushed off to the side until you need them the most (ie., break in or home invasion).  This dramatic experience can be avoided by getting it in place and working sooner than later.  This can be related to medical insurance where it is tempting to not get it, but in the event of a crisis you will wish you would have gotten it.

Can You Trust the Big Top 10?

This is a solid argument and it is anyone’s say.  Like I mentioned, I recommend NOT going with a newer company.  In my view, you can trust the big top 10 because they have spent years and years gaining the reputation, customer base and process that they have in place.  If you don’t choose someone in the top 10 your experience is likely to be a big headache, you may get hit with several hidden costs that you weren’t expecting and then you may throw the alarm system out of your house!  Companies such as ADT, Honeywell and GE have spent millions to make sure their equipment works great and that it is a smooth process for the user.

My Final Words

So amidst all the new hype and new ‘Top 10’ lists, make sure that you still review the companies listed and find one that is compatible to your home and needs before hopping on any one bandwagon.