In 1970’s, Casio ventured into the digital watch technology and in 1980’s it moved a step forward by producing G-Shock. Ever since their introduction, these watches have become synonymous with functional superiority and today, they are trusted by Navy SEALs, supermodels, and urbanites alike. Read on to find out what makes them so popular with the gen Y.

G-shock watches today are leading the way in smartwatches segment! Being an all-rounder it is not just worn by pro skaters and hip hop stars but also the next bay IT colleague. Men can wear it on camping trips as well as to meetings. You have got to give the watch an ovation for its versatility. Besides, while playing any sport or exercising, it allows you to track your speed. This is why men prefer to wear it every day by matching it with different outfits as they get to choose from a variety of striking colours and styles. You can browse online for some of the best G-shock watches at Ethos Watch Boutiques if you are in India.



GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor: Accuracy anytime, in any location

Besides receiving terrestrial radio waves from all the world’s six terrestrial transmission stations, Casio’s hybrid watches can acquire positioning and time information from GPS satellites and obtain the correct time at the current location with the push of a button anywhere in the world.

Timepiece practicability has advanced to encompass the entire globe, while retaining the radio-controlled watch’s reliable indoor time-calibration signal reception. Casio’S proprietary hybrid technology enables accurate time reception no matter where the user is located.

Smartphone link: Connecting with contemporary lifestyles

Bluetooth® SMART-compatible analogue watches set the precise time anywhere in the world based on time information to link with the user’s smartphone. The ability to access the current time in any of over 300 cities around the globe extends high performance to practical utility for worldwide use.

Casio’s unique advanced technologies have combined in a versatile watch that’s a perfect fit for today’s digital life.

Triple Sensor for FROGMAN

A dedicated Triple Sensor tuned specifically to FROGMAN’s specifications is installed to help divers meet their professional requirements. Built-in miniature sensors take high-accuracy measurements of water depths, directions and water temperatures and display the results. Various other diving functions are also installed to help divers determine safe, appropriate courses of action and to support them in conducting diving assignments under the most rigorous conditions.

World time: anywhere, anytime

Dual Dial World Time displays the times in 2 different cities simultaneously. With Multi-Motor Drive technology providing independent control of the hands on the main dial and an inset dial, simple watch stem operation enables users to confirm the times in 2 cities at the same time, opening up a unique new dimension in usability. In today’s global era, each single hour is alive with multiple times. This original technology makes new timekeeping possibilities available to everyone who chooses a global lifestyle.

Shock resist

The unique tough structure was born from an unprecedented idea. This technology has been passed down to every G-SHOCK model for over a quarter-century.

Tough solar

CASIO’s original solar-charging system converts not only sunlight but also light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into power.

Stable function operation: Generates ample power for smooth operation of various power-hungry functions, including time-calibration signal reception, 5-motor operation, alarms, sensors and backlights.

Multi band 6

This technology allows terrestrial radio wave reception from 6 transmission stations worldwide. Hence, you get automatic time correction available in Japan, North America, Europe and China without any hassle.