The commercial cleaning services are employed to a sufficiently clean a variety of different commercial premises. The cleaning companies have numerous cleaners who work in teams and use necessary cleaning tools and accessories to make the commercial place neat and tidy. The commercial cleaning companies to the cleaning office spaces, commercial buildings such as retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and sports stadiums. The commercial cleaning is a general term which is commonly used when cleaning of office space or commercial building is required. The cleaning teams use different cleaning methods and tools to manage the cleaning process effectively.

In office spaces the extent of cleaning process includes proper cleaning of floors, ceilings, windows, doors, partition walls, vacuuming of carpets, cleaning the lighting fixtures, furniture cleaning, and cleaning of washrooms, kitchen area, conference room, and reception. The numerous cleaning tools necessary to make the office neat and tidy are brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, cleaning brushes, sponges, microfiber cloths, dusting kit, dust bins, garbage bags, and cleaning liquids and surface cleaners. The commercial cleaning services Minneapolis are carried out by professional cleaning companies who will first visit the office or retail store or commercial building to see the extent of cleaning requirements. The commercial cleaning companies will propose weekly, or monthly cleaning services, and the rates will be decided on the size of the premise and the number of cleaning tasks to be performed.

Office space would only be in a pristine and neat condition when cleaning tasks are performed efficiently. A neat and tidy office is essential to enhance the beauty of the office space, increase the motivation and productivity of the employees, set a good impression on the clients, and ensure that the work is carried out in a seamless way. The cleaning teams are divided according to the tasks to be performed, and they will complete all the tasks from dusting the tables to emptying the waste bins. The office cleaning tasks are listed down as there are many small and big tasks to be performed. The office cleaning checklist includes numerous activities which are

  • Cleaning of the floors of the entire office space which includes the reception area, different rooms, and washrooms
  • The carpets are vacuumed, and the floors are mopped
  • The office furniture is dusted which includes tables, chairs, shelves and picture frames
  • The floors are washed by disinfectants as germs easily transfer from the shoes of the employees on the floor
  • The office mats are straightened
  • The windows are dusted and cleaned from inside and out
  • The dust and waste bins are emptied in large garbage bags
  • The filing cabinets are dusted, and the documents and files are neatly arranged
  • The partition walls are cleaned, and dirt is wiped down
  • The shiny surfaces such as marble top surface are polished to restore their shine
  • The lighting fixtures are properly cleaned
  • The filters of the air conditioning units are washed and dried
  • The washrooms are adequately cleaned and washed with disinfectants
  • The washroom utensils are replaced which includes hand wash and tissue paper
  • The kitchen area is cleaned, which includes counters, sink, and other fixtures.
  • The desk space is cleaned, and the clutter is removed

The cleaning teams perform weekly or monthly commercial cleaning services Minneapolis and after tick the boxes on the checklist when a particular cleaning task is completed. The advantages of commercial cleaning are

  • Makes the office look beautiful and professional
  • Enhances the productivity of the employees and make them feel more motivated
  • Improve the health of the workers and reduce the risk of getting any germs or infection
  • The workers can straight away start the day doing their work rather than cleaning their desks
  • Saves considerable time and effort required to clean the office space

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