Can you imagine that you can understand your baby’s heartbeat at home during the period of your pregnancy? Right! The Doppler-fetal monitor is a medical instrument which will help you to understand your baby’s heartbeat during the pregnancy period.

Doppler-fetal monitor

The home Doppler-fetal monitor is considered as a handheld instrument which will send the sound wave through your body tissues and skin to find out the movement. The sound wave will bounce back after the detection of the movement. Then, it will create one kind of pattern. The Doppler-fetal monitor will record and playback that sound wave to you for listening.

Safety of the Doppler-fetal monitor at home

Is it safe to use a Doppler at home? It is a very common question. You may be confused to understand the difference between the Doppler ultrasound and the Doppler-fetal monitor. Both are not the same. The Doppler-fetal monitor is completely safe when it is handled by the trained professionals. The Doppler ultrasound is used for the sound waves which involve greater frequency and it is monitored only by the trained professionals. You will not get any oversight about the method to use this device. This device is not prescribed by the doctor. Sometimes, there may raise a kind of potential risk for mom as well as the baby.

Possible risks of using the Doppler-fetal monitor at home

There may be several risks for using the Doppler-fetal monitor at home and some of these are:

  • Wrong handling due to insufficient knowledge or training about the Doppler-fetal monitor
  • Training for three years is required before performing the Doppler-fetal monitor or the Doppler ultrasound monitor to understand your baby’s heartbeat during the pregnancy period.
  • Making exposure unnecessarily to wave can cause harmful effect to mom and the baby. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has advised that you should make the ultrasound scan during your pregnancy period according to the recommendation of your doctor when there will be a medical need. It should be made under the supervision of an expert. Sometimes, in the processing of the Doppler-fetal monitor at home the session’s number and length of the scanning procedure of the fetus may be in an uncontrolled manner, it can create a risk for the potential harm to mom and the baby.
  • Making a false sense of security the Doppler-fetal monitor can create risk at the pregnancy period. Sometime, the Doppler-fetal monitor at home may lead you to make the thought that your baby is in good condition ignoring the other conditions and signs of potential warnings. This can cause a harmful effect on your baby.
  • Making false sense for anxiety the Doppler-fetal monitor can cause the problem in your pregnancy. Sometimes, the Doppler-fetal monitor may lead your thought to get anxious and the incorrect assumption for happening something in a wrong way.
  • The technology of the Doppler-fetal monitor does not create any risk for mom and baby. The misinterpretation of the fetal heartbeat rate can lead to the risk.
  • The Doppler-fetal monitor helps to create the sense for all types of movement including the movement of the umbilical cord, mother’s heart, and the placenta.

Finally, all the above-mentioned information will help you to maintain the safety in your pregnancy period. There will be no question like is it safe to use a Doppler at home.