Even as Apple fans are guesstimating the date of its September event, some of the iPhone accessory makers have already launched iPhone 7 cases. Probably these accessories brands know the size and specifications of the upcoming iPhone 7.

Whatever it is, the fact is that now you can buy cases for your favourite smartphone, i.e. iPhone 7. Sensing the tremendous hype created around this phone, we thought it right to present a list of cases for iPhone 7. This list includes different cases; we didn’t stick to any single style and hence, the list becomes a potpourri of the best iPhone 7 cases.

list of cases for iPhone 7

Since the cases are released on a leading e-commerce portal, you can trust the source and brands. Moreover, it also confirms iPhone 7 size, around which there was much hullabaloo. Check out this range of fresh cases of iPhone 7 and buy one for the latest entrant in iPhone series.

#1. Amosu’s iPhone 7:

Amosu variety of smartphones that are bespoke include BlackBerrys and older iPhones but this one beats them all. This bespoke iPhone 7 is encrusted with over 5999 diamonds on an 18k gold shell. The creation itself is said to take about two months and understandly, it’s a quite limited edition. I’m quite confident that, at $2.75 million dollars apiece, this is the most expensive one out there.

#2. Dragon and Spider Case:

Closely following the most expensive and luxurious iPhone 7 is Anita Mai Tan’s Dragon and Spider Case which can be yours for $888,000 and which is merely the case (and you don’t get the cellphone). This one features a very pendant is design (and actually, it is possible to wear it as a pendant if you’re into extravagance. The Dragon has about 2000 black diamond’s the Spider has 2800 of them and is encrusted in 18k gold while. It’s said that each caes takes about 17 months to produce it’s handcrafted.

#3. Lux from Brikk For iPhone 7:

Brikk’s custom made iPhone 7 will set you back by about five grand but what you get in return is an exquisite, gold iPhone 7. It’s clearly among the most minimalist iPhones that are expensive out there because folks over at Brikk customized the shell of the iPhone 7 which means there’s the phone’s parts were not added to by any extra mass. What you have is a gold cellphone. Perfect to flaunt if you’re into this kind of a thing. We can get this for 4,885 US Dollars.

#4. Gresso Line:

The one line of accessories we’re interested in is the $3k to $4k Titanium Shell for iPhone 7, hand crafted bespoke Android smartphones and other things, while Gresso makes independent. It’s similar to those two bit shells that interlock on your iPhone. Titanium, as you might know, is aircraft grade stuff exceedingly and occasionally unbelievably powerful. (Price – 2995$ apiece).

#5. Tower Flower case for iPhone 7:

At first glance, this one is simply a plastic casing but what makes it so costly (at $1490) is that it’s embedded with crystals and rhinestones. It’s a handcrafted iPhone 7 case that has a “Paris in the springtime” motif. The case was featured on Etsy but right now the listing appears to have vanished. We’ll upgrade this post in case it resurfaces on Etsy or anyplace else. Keep a lookout for this particular beauty.

#6. Dolce & Gabbana Case:

Dolce & Gabbana kept with Gucci’s alligator case tendency, but made it even more lavish as a wallet style case, with a gold chain strap. For 595 US Dollars, you get a black leather case embossed with your choice of bronze or silver coloured alligator skin. The case has individual compartments for the iPhone itself and sleeves to hold your cash and credit cards which if you’re able to afford this instance, your likely have lots of, a 48 inch chain cross body strap, and a soft cloth liner.

#7. Gucci Crocodile Case:

Gucci carries a cellphone case similar to that of Louis Vuitton style. Gucci’s is made from alligator skin while Louis Vuitton’s is made of regular cowhide leather. Alligator hide is believed to be more weather resistant than that from a cow besides being more expensive and more fancy. Protection is certainly a huge factor for most individuals who are shopping for a cellphone case, but at $495, alligator is clearly a pricey option. You know that you can afford to replace a broken cell, when your iPhone case costs more than your real iPhone.

#8. Swarovski Components:

Although the case has nothing regarding Swarovski (Price – 335$ and it doesn’t use actual Swarovski lead crystals), it certainly is a stunning scenario to observe. The case is furnished with diamonds and crystals on a hard plastic casing.

If you are sure to buy iPhone 7 cases, then you should not miss this opportunity. Explore all features and qualities of all cases made for iPhone 7.

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