I am sure you have heard people say or comment that in order to get indexed you must submit your site to Google. On the contrary there is a much better way to get this done and there are a few steps and tips you can try and follow in order to get this done. Indexing your web site helps in web site rankings and ratings and this will ultimately generate more web site traffic.

First Method: Submission of your website to Book marking Sites

A great way to quickly index your web site can be done by sending new and fresh content and material to social book marking sites.

Most social book marking sites are highly favoured by web crawlers and spiders. They are preferred because they have tend to have new and fresh content more often the other web sites. These sites have a high traffic volumes and a consistent supply of new material.

Second Method: Submission of Articles to Directories

Typing and coming up with a lot of different articles and content for very high traffic volume article directories is another good and simple way to getting your site indexed for Google. Sites like iSnare, Goarticles and Ezine constantly have crawlers and spiders roving in them and they are very active. So by submitting your material to such sites you will be able to build a strong link of back links and this will also lead to more people visiting your site.

Third Method: Getting Linked From various other web sites

Get linked from and through other sites is another very simple and easy way to get your web site indexed. Natural back links from other sites will give visitors heads up and search engines will begin to start checking out and going through your site.

There are many ways to build a link; you can do so through commenting, submitting posts or blogs, being a guest writer and by making sure your work is very good and people feel compelled to share and link it.

Fourth Method: Pinging Your Web site

When you ping your own web site you will be altering social aggregation sites and services that there is new and fresh content available at your site.

For instance Ping Goat is very simple and free service which gives you the owner or user the power and opportunity to ping other sites, but it is important you do not over do it or you will get a bad reputation.

Fifth Method: Create Plenty Content

Finally another way to get your site quickly and easily indexed is by ensuring it has fresh and new content as often as possible. The more material available on your site the more reasons why Google while come and check out your site and add your material to most search engine listings.

At the end of the day getting your site indexed will depend on how much time you put in as well as the effort. Try to gain as much outside influence as you can. Do not sit around and wait for things to happen because that will not get your site indexed, start building back links and watch your business grow.