While Delhi is scandalous for its after dark nightmarish stories, there still are some Delhiites who wake up when the entire city sleeps. Obviously, now if you stay up till late, you need something to munch and binge, and more so if you are a die-hard foodie. Whether it’s a little resto-bar under a flyover or a 24 x7 dhaba serving godsent non vegetarian delicacies, there’s something for everyone in Delhi. The best part is that one need not spend a bomb to do the much needed pait puja, for if you are in Delhi, yahan sab milta hai!

Take for instance, you have a Delhi to Kolkata flight to catch at the red-eye time, and are feeling down to the gut hungry, then where will you go? Now please, don’t think of the classy restaurants of the five stars, since you don’t want to start your journey sans any cash in pocket, right? Don’t worry. Checkout this section that mentions the best food spots that should be added to your quick notes, particularly in the event if you are a nighthowler!

The Right Spots To Hit At Night In Delhi For The Ultimate Hunger Cure

Moolchand ke Parathe

The evergreen spot of each cheeky or shabby south delhiite, Moolchand Parathe is the oasis in the night desert of Delhi. A broad assortment of hot paranthas and chai lather your taste buds with sheer bliss. The best part- the parathas are served all night, without a stop! Cravings?

Comesum, Nizammudin Railway Station

Located at the Nizamuddin station, Comesum is a standard name right now for routine meals for the length of time of the day and night. A family diner with awesome lighting and an ensured vibe, if nothing works out or strikes a chord, then Comesum will serve you yummy food with the warmth as that of your own beloved mother at those odd times amid night when you can no more stifle your yearning.

Convergys Dhaba, Gurgaon

Having secured a tight spot, right opposite the corporate hub of Cyber City in Gurgaon, this place is a treat for the night crawlers and hungry night owls since its gates are open for the duration of the day and night and the dhaba serves an extensive variety of desi dhaba delicacies, from yummilicious stuffed paranthas to Delhi’s favourite butter chicken. According to the patrons here, one never goes back unsatisfied or disappointed from Convergys dhaba. Also, it’s a protected spot, so you can visit it anytime with family, friends, or even your girlfriends.

Jawaharlal Nehru University aka JNU

South Delhi’s sprawling grounds is a class separated, where specialists make their name and the nightlife peculiarly awakens over the diverse eating joints around here. Every last joint around and in JNU is a heaven for foodies, and a truly safe spot. The eateries continue running round the clock, and every single niche and corner of the nation has a moderate down here – you wouldn’t miss mummy ka khana when you are at JNU!

So, it’s not just the landmarks and galleries, that are the best places to visit in Delhi, but even places like the ones mentioned above, are some of the truly imperative spots to visit in Delhi, be it at whatever time of the day. All things considered, we are Indians and eating is always a good and welcome idea here, no? Bring it on! seo comapny in Ghaziabad