Samsung is the first to dared and suggest that the future of smart phones with large displays. At the time the Galaxy Note just seemed huge, but it was 100% hit, the model became popular. In the future, the company virtually unchallenged rule in the niche of large smartphones. During the three years of the ruler Galaxy Note and competitors could not do anything to stop it. But today, Samsung is under pressure already from another side. All smartphones gradually become larger, and a model with a diagonal of 5.5 inches and 6 do not look unusual. And then the question arises whether the line Note withstand such market transformation? The answer to this should be the Galaxy Note 4. Let’s see what Samsung has prepared for the new competitors along with the upcoming samsung galaxy s7.

Design and Body Materials

Despite the new design and trends in the company Samsung, first appeared in Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4 still retained the features of last year’s model, as well as the back cover, made of coated under the skin.

But if you look at Note 4, the changes are noticeable. The first thing you notice right away – a metal frame housing. Samsung has not used aluminum, which is commonly found in mobile devices because of the relatively low weight, and the material is most similar to the magnesium alloy.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Amazing Phablet

The front side of the smartphone is covered with protective glass Gorilla Glass, which is slightly rounded on the edges of the housing.

The back cover is made of matte and soft-touch plastic. In Note 4 it lost a decorative stitch, designed to emphasize the style of “under the skin”. But the worst of it did not look like a smartphone. Overall, this design technique is cool for the owners of Galaxy Note 4, because the texture of the cover from a distance cannot see, especially in white. But in hands felt nice soft plastic and non-slip.

Note 4 rear portion in comparison with Note 3 has undergone a number of changes. The camera unit began to look carefully, not least due to the fact that the outbreak is located in one niche with pulse sensor and takes up less space. Also on the back cover was moved external speaker, which in Note 3 was on the bottom, and it was easy to cut off the hand during games or watching videos.

On the front panel, compared to its predecessor, the changes is not so much, or rather two. First, a mechanical button below the display, as in the Galaxy S5, the fingerprint scanner added. And the second – the earpiece is now not so close to the edge of the body, so it is easier to hit while taking a call.

In general, if we talk about design as appearance, changes in the Galaxy Note 4 is not as significant as one might expect. But if we remember that design is not just the way things look, but also how they work. Note 4 there really is much better than its predecessor. The metal frame and the new glass display with rounding at the edges provide excellent tactile feedback.

Well, in design and looks Galaxy Note 4 is outstanding but Samsung is still following its old design schemes, let’s see if Samsung would incorporate something different in upcoming generations like Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 6.