Close to 20 % to 40 % of women in the age group of 15 to 44 years are known to do douche. The rates tend to be higher in the case of African American women in comparison to Latin American people. Not only it makes a woman fresher but it does help them to get rid of the unpleasant smells. You are going to wash off the menstrual blood after a period, prevention of pregnancy after intercourse along with sexually transmitted diseases.

It has to term that vaginal douching is not suitable for any of the above purposes. It does go on to increases pregnancy complications, the risk of infections along with a host of other health problems.

In French terminology, the word douche means to soak or wash. You go on to wash your vagina with a mixture of water along with vinegar. The douches that you come across in antiseptic or medical stores are known to contain fragrances or scents. There are available in a tube or a bag and it is sprayed through a tube on to the vagina.

There are some women who say that douche vaginal makes them clean, but the very less scientific evidence is there to substantiate this claim. In the overall context, the risks do go on to outnumber the benefits.

With douching one thing that stands out is that the balance of bacteria in the vagina stands to be altered. This goes by the name of vagina flora. All these changes make the growth of bacteria more favourable which is going to cause infection. Research does point to the fact that women who did go on to stop douching have fewer chances of suffering from bacterial vaginosis. This does go on to increase the chances of preterm labour along with sexually transmitted infections.

Women who are going to douche once in a week find it really difficult to become pregnant. This would be in stark contrast to a lady who does not douche. When you douche the chances of ectopic pregnancy does go on to increase by 76 %. In such a type of pregnancy, the embryo would implant outside the uterus of the lady. More a woman is known to douche greater the chances of such a type of pregnancy. Douching would also increase the chances of cervical cancer.

Finally, in the eyes of health experts, you need to refrain from douching as far as possible. To a certain degree, some amount of smell from the vagina seems ok. But the real question would be on how to clean up the vagina.  You can clean it with warm water when you are bathing. From the exteriors, you can allow the vagina to clean itself by the process of forming mucus. Do not expect the vagina to smell like a rose garden. But if you figure out that the smell does appear to be strong, it could point to a sign of infection. The acidic nature of the vagina is going to control the odour.