A lot of wood burning cook stoves are have been available since the past time and they are still being used today in homes for not just cooking purposes but many other too. One most common type of stove available is the soapstone wood stove. It can be a wonderful addition to any home for not just cooking purposes but for also decor and heating purposes. Soapstone can save you a lot of fuel as it can store heat for a long time even if the stove is turned off.  It can store heat for a long time depending on the temperature.

What is the Soapstone Material?

The question is what is soapstone? It is a rock that is formed naturally and it comes with certain thermal properties. From years, it has been used for heating purposes and it is widely used for making wood cook stoves because it can be shaped easily. Even if it is exposed to a lot of heat, it does not get damage or develop cracks.

It is a great conductor of heat so you can use it for cooking food directly and it has a unique property of developing a natural patina which can keep the stove clean and protect it as well.

The Widely Used Soapstone Wood Burning Cook Stoves

Why Choose Soapstone Stone Stove?

Soapstone was popular in the past because of its thermal properties and these properties have made it valuable in even today’s time. It is a dense material and it has unique heating capacities. Even a small amount of soapstone is capable of storing a large amount of heat. The temperature in the fire box is capable of changing with time but it depends on some things such as how long the fuel was loaded, the amount of air that enters the firebox, the wood type used, its seasoning and of course the design of the stove. Along with using it as a device for cooking, the soapstone stove can also be used for heating purposes in winters.

The soapstone is capable of absorbing heat when the stove is already hot and it is capable of releasing the heat when the fire becomes cooler and then the temperature is hence regulated. This soapstone is better than cast iron and steel.

Aesthetics in Soapstone

Soapstone is available in a wide variety of patterns and colors and its aesthetics resemble that of marble. They come with different effects and so if you are choosing soapstone for your kitchen, you must be sure it goes with the aesthetics of your house. These stoves have gone through a lot of variations by now so you can find them in the variety that is uniquein style and design.

They can be widely used for regular cooking purposes. These stoves are combined with heavy stone work and brick work.  They can certainly be a great addition to your home because they are not just available for cooking purposes, they can also be placed in the kitchen for décor purposes. Most of all, you can use them for heating as well.