Here are few topic wise suggestions if you suck at Physics

Fundamental measurements in Physics ( Vernier calipers, screw gauge, Physical balance etc) Be thorough with Mechanics (Relative motion, Uniform circular motion, Conservation of momentum, Conservation of angular momentum, rolling motion etc.).


Must be very clear with concepts like displacement, acceleration, average velocity, relative velocity. Should try to visualize the problems in the mind to effectively tackle them. In projectiles finding Range, Maximum height, Time of flight, velocity at any point on the trajectory is important.


Dynamics :

Newton’s Laws of Motion, application of Newton’s Laws of motion, Principle of conservation of linear momentum. Work Power Energy, Work- Energy Theorem are the main subtopics. While working out problems related to connected bodies, students should necessarily draw free body diagram.

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Easy to prepare. Finding velocity of the colliding bodies in one dimensional elastic head on collision. Finding coefficient of restitution are some of the main topics.

Center of Mass:

Finding co-ordinates of Centre of Mass, characteristics of centre of mass, locating Centre of Mass for different shaped bodies are very important. Solving problems using method of symmetry method.

Rotatory Motion :

Students can easily answer questions on vertical circular motion as they will be on expected models. Problems of finding Torque, when position vector and force vector are given are important. Finding Moment of inertia of regular bodies using parallel and perpendicular axes theorem are important. Also, work out problems based on conservation of angular momentum and rolling motion.

Gravitation :

Be clear with basic forces in nature. Simple question on Universal law of gravitation, variation of ‘g’ with altitude, depth, latitude are important. Problem on orbital velocity, escape velocity are very important. Problem solving technique using energy conservation helps arriveat the answers.


Students should understand the term phase and its importance in solving problems. Different relations for velocity, acceleration, maximum and minimum values are to be remembered. Finding time period of a simple pendulum in various conditions like lift, taking it onto the moon etc., are to be carefully worked out. To solve problems related to loaded spring, students should have clear idea of spring constant, changesin the time period, when it is cut and coupled with other springs.

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Surface Tension :

Examples of surface tension from daily life, surface energy, relation between surface tension and surface energy, angle of contact, capillarity. Effect of temperature on surface tension, excess pressure in soap bubble and liquid drop are topics from which we can expect questions. Problems like finding work done to split big drop into number of droplets, work done to blow a soap bubble are important.

Elasticity: The advantage with elasticity is limited sub-topics, limited models of problems. The main concepts are with different stress, strain related modulus of elasticity and Poisson’s ratio. To answer theory bits, concepts like elastic fatigue, behavior of wire under increasing load must be understood.

Fluid Mechanics :

Try to be thorough with fluid mechanics as it is inter-related to many other topics in physics. Problems based on Bernoulli’s theorem, velocity of efflux are more important.

Heat and Thermodynamics :

Have clear idea of zeroth law of thermodynamics, Joules law, and first law of thermodynamics. Principle of calorimeter, problems related to different thermodynamic processes are important. While solving the problems related to work done in adiabatic and isothermal keep in mind the sign conventions. Do some models on Carnot engine –Efficiency and Coefficient of performance. Be thorough with the concepts on Kinetic theory of gasses.

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