Tiny bedroom can be very difficult to manage and may end up looking messy most of the times. Having a small bedroom  can make the person feel like a storage place for keeping old or unused items. However, if we know how to decorate a small bedroom and make it look more spacious, our bedroom will be lively and stylish. It is necessary to consider some points for decorating a small bedroom and make best use of every square inch. If we cannot decorate our tiny room effectively on our own, we can hire residential designer online and take help in decorating the small room that reflects our own personality.

Considerable Points for Decorating a Small Bedroom

Below are some of the Do’s and Don’t to be kept in mind while decorating a tiny bedroom:

  1. Follow and Copy Hotel Style: There are many hotels that have small rooms, but due to its perfect decoration, guests don’t even realize about it. To make the tiny room look more spacious, they use padded headboard, multiple pillows, small shelves, bedside tables or soft blankets.
  2. Adding a Feature Wall: Painting same color to all the four sides of the wall in a room makes it look boring and gives a feeling of living inside a box. We can use a wall of different design in contrasting colors, textured paneling or a different paint effect to make it look interesting.
  3. Built-in sections around headboard: To ensure the best usage of the limited space without affecting other walls, a built-in unit around the headboard can be used to give an open feel.  Including bright colors on the white walls can make the room lively and energetic.
  4. Extra-Narrow Designs: If we need to adjust two beds inside a tiny room, we can consider using narrow designs that does not compromise on style as well.  Using painted brickwork and graphic rugs is also one of the best ways to save space.
  5. Multipurpose Furniture: While decorating a small room, multipurpose furniture can be a good help as it is hard to accommodate many stuffs. We can use a bookcase that can be used as a headboard, bedside table and a bookcase all in one.
  6. Use Bed cum desk: Another smart way to make tiny room look spacious is to use a bed that can act as a desk too for doing homework or studying. Pull out bed underneath can also be beneficial for the extra guest or a sleepover with friends.
  7. Mirrored Closets: It has been known that a wall of mirrored closets helps in making the small room feel larger. However, one should keep the room clean and tidy as it is reflected in the mirror and messy room will look twice as bad.

One can either follow the above mentioned tricks to make the best use of  their tiny room or take help using Online Residential Design Services that can transform a small space to an interesting & lively one.