One of the many elements of having new replacement windows installed in your home involves signing a contract. Quite often, homeowners offer up their signature without thinking of any possible consequences simply because they just want new windows.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid problems when signing a contract with a window replacement company:

No Signing, No Work

This one is as basic as it gets, yet many homeowners still allow contractors to install replacement windows without having a signed contract. The only real way to protect yourself is to have a contract signed by you and the window replacement company before any work is done. No signing, no work.

Some Important Factors

Of course, a piece of paper with signatures on it doesn’t mean you’ll have windows that keep the cold out and the heat in, or that the job will be done at all. Make sure your contract has a completion date on it, as well as the total cost of the job with a detailed breakdown of each expense.

You’ll also want to see a list of all the energy efficient replacement windows that are being used in the replacement, and how they will be used. Once the windows are delivered to your home and are ready for installation, bring out the signed contract to ensure the windows at your house match the ones listed in the contract.

Look at the certification labels, serial numbers, sizes, styles and ask about any features like spacers or gas fill that are supposed to be included. It will save a lot of headache to catch any differences before the windows are installed instead of after.

About the Business

You’ll also want to look into the business itself before you go and sign a contract. Anyone can have a legal-looking contract drawn up and there have been plenty of shifty window companies that have scammed homeowners out of money. Check out the business with local business associations, look at online reviews and ask the company for references. If they are reluctant to help you out, it may be best to move onto a different company. A legitimate company that wants your business should have nothing to hide.

If you can exercise some patience and shop around a little, you’ll find a deal that best meets your needs and budget, from a company with a proven track record in the industry. Many companies will offer limited time sales, rebates and one-time deals to get you to sign, but giving in to sales pressure will only hurt you in the end.

Got a Warranty?

One last thing that should be in place before you sign a replacement window contract is a solid warranty. Beyond the actual length of the warranty, you should look for a company that will be there to help with any issues you may encounter along the way.

Even if a company is legitimate and has quality products, issues will still pop up here and there. Dealing with a company that is there to offer support when you need it gives you the peace of mind that sets the great ones apart from everyone else.

Author bio:

Mark Clair is a 46 year old interior designer, decorator and planner. He is a prolific writer and enjoys putting his thoughts into words on pretty much anything around that evokes an interest in him. Happily married and the father of a new born girl, Mark is now exploring the many little joys and challenges of parenthood. For more information, follow him on twitter.