The property agent plays a crucial role, especially if this is your first time buying a house or an apartment. However, finding a property agent that is on the same wavelength with you, one that knows his job and has all the necessary expertise to assist you, can turn out to be a very challenging task. That being said, here are some useful tips and hints that will help you find an affordable, professional and dedicated real estate agent to help you make sure that you are investing in the best home:

1. Meet an Agent Out In the Field 

You can see the true face of your property agent only when he is working out in the field. You will see his body language, his way of talking to the potential customers, the way he presents the house and such. At the office, all agents seem professional and dedicated to your cause, but only a small percentage of them are truly willing to give their best out in their working environment.

Tips And Hints On How To Find The Best Property Agents

2. Go to Regular Open Houses 

If you do not know where to look for a professional real estate agent and you are not a big fan of newspaper ads or online forums, then you should consider attending open houses. In a nutshell, open houses are fun and exciting ways of meeting new people and making professional contacts – you do not even need to have a particular interest in that house, but you can go and see if there is an agent who is willing to help you out. Open houses often turn out to be a win-win, both for the agent who is advertising the property and for the potential buyers.

3. Do Your Research

It would be a very common mistake to limit yourself solely to one property agent – make sure to do your research and compile a list of the top three or top five real estate agents in your area that really managed to get your attention. It is important for these professionals to have all the necessary mobile technology to assist you in your pursuit for the perfect home, and they must also be familiar with the local market and the prices. Also, make sure to schedule one on one interviews with your agent, and it often happens that these people work both as buyer and seller agents. Do not fall for far-fetched claims and promises, and remember to be a bit skeptical at first as most agents would be able to say anything in order to get you to sign the contract.

4. Always Ask For Recommendations 

If you have a relative or a friend who worked with a property agent in the past, then make sure to ask them for some advice or recommendations. It often happens that these agents rely on word of mouth, especially in small and medium sized cities where they simply can’t afford making a mistake that would scare away the customers. If your friend was satisfied with the services of the real estate agent in question, then the chances are that you will be as well!

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John Malcolm is a business writer and a real estate agent located in Bangkok, Thailand. He works in Thailand, Myanmar and Singapore.