Wondering if a weight gainer supplement is right for you? Here are 5 benefits of weight gainers that will help you make the perfect choice for your body.

The term ‘hard gainer’ is used to describe someone who finds it extremely hard to gain mass. These are individuals who are usually skinny and are classified as “ectomorphs”. These individuals have a small frame of mostly lean muscles.

For hard gainers, consuming a weight gainer supplement becomes necessary to meet the high caloric requirement of their body in order to start gaining mass.

Differences Between Mass Gainers and Weight Gainers

Weight gainers and mass gainers differ in their purpose primarily. While weight gainers are mostly aimed in helping a hard gainer put on weight, a mass gainer helps in increasing the muscle mass of the consumer.

Weight Gainers pack in loads of high calories helps fulfilling the daily calorie intake of hard gainers. Weight gainers have a higher concentration of carbohydrates which can go up to 100 grams. On the other hand, mass gainers have a maximum of 40 grams of carbohydrates. They have a higher concentration of proteins.

One of the most popular weight gainers in the market is MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer that help you gain healthy weight. It contains about 1.35 grams of fiber along with DigeZyme enzymes that make it easy to digest and absorb. This weight gainer is suitable for men and women alike.

Top 5 Benefits of Weight Gainers

Weight Gainer Supplements have several benefits that support your workout routine and help you achieve the effective results. The top 5 benefits of these supplements are:

  • They are an easy source of High Calories: For those who are looking for weight gain, the calorie requirements per day are extreme. This means they have to keep eating at short intervals to meet this requirement. However, considering the hectic lifestyles that people lead today, this becomes a challenge. With weight gainer, it is easy to push your calorie intake to up to 4000 calories per day. You can get more than 1000 calories per serving of most of these supplements. Depending on what your goals are, there are different weight gainers that come with a varied calorie count. On an average, a 400-600 calorie weight gainer is perfect for most people. It prevents any chances of you overshooting your recommended calorie intake. The result of doing this is that you may start gaining fat mass instead of muscle mass. Some individuals may also find it harder to digest weight gainers that have too many calories.
  • They ensure that you only Gain Lean Mass:Weight gainers contain carbohydrates and fats, no doubt. However, you are still able to gain lean mass because they have healthy dietary fibers that make sure that you stay leaner while you build mass and gain weight. The dietary fats contained in these weight gainers are essential macro-nutrients and makes you healthier. When you are buying a weight gainer, make sure that they have more medium chain triglycerides and lesser saturated fats.
  • They make a great pre/postWorkout Meal: Most weight gainers are formulated in a way that allows you to consume them closer to your workout time. Since they are so high in their calorie count, they can act as complete meal replacements. You can opt for a weight gainer for your pre-workout and post-workout meal. The difference between them is that the latter should contain fewer calories. A post-workout weight gainer should have a higher concentration of carbohydrates. This is the best window to give your body a dose of fast acting carbs. This not only helps improving the insulin cycle but also helps the muscles to gain access to amino acids. As a result, muscle loss is prevented, too.
  • They Nourish your Body with Creatine as Well:Creatine is added to most weight gainers in order to make them more effective. So, you will not have to take an additional supplement to fulfill the creatine needs of the body. Creatine is needed for better performance as it fuels the muscles. It should be consumed with a high-calorie meal to get the better results.
  • Weight Gainers help in Recovery:To begin with, weight gainer supplements fuel the body with the necessary amount of amino acids. In addition to that, they also contain L-Glutamine. This is an extremely important amino acid that specifically enhances recovery and makes your endurance higher. The additional benefits of L-Glutamine are that it makes your immune system stronger. This also means that you get the most of your workout and are healthier for the most part to avoid any missed training sessions.

 Are there any Side Effects?

The only risk of consuming weight gainers is food allergies. This can lead to rashes, hives, bloating or nausea. If you are allergic to lactose or soy, it is a good idea to avoid weight gainers or to ensure that the one that you buy is completely free from these allergens.

Additionally, when you are looking for any herbal weight gainers, you need to ensure that they do not contain any allergens.

Weight gainers that are extremely high in calories can also be hard for the body to digest. It can lead to an upset stomach or can even cause issues like dysentery when taken in very high quantities.

When to take Weight Gainer?

  • It is best to take weight gainers along with your breakfast to stay energetic all day.
  • To keep a constant supply of amino acids and maintain a good nitrogen balance, taking them between meals is a good idea.
  • For best recover, it is a good idea to take a protein shake about 30 minutes after workout.

When you are looking for Weight Gainer Supplements, make sure that you choose ones that have complex carbs. These slow digesting carbs help you get a constant supply of energy in small trickles.

They also contain essential minerals and vitamins that help improve the absorption of several nutrients.