Windows are one of the key features of your home, so it is important to ensure that they are well presented. Even though the state of a property’s windows can totally enhance or bring down the look of its exterior, cleaning windows is a task that many despise and put off for months on end. Many people find cleaning windows an incredibly difficult task and find that they are unable to achieve a smudge free result and the gleaming window sheen that they desire.

It’s said that ideally, windows should be cleaned at least twice a year. We would like to help make window cleaning a much easier task for you so we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 window cleaning tips so that you can achieve window shine that all your neighbours will be envious of.

  1. Invest in Decent Equipment

Using a bucket of water and a few rags simply will not do the trick. For cleaning windows at a height, you’ll need an extendable window-cleaning mop. For direct window cleaning, you’ll also need a squeegee (the stainless steel paint scraper like objects). Your bucket should be large enough and deep enough to hold a few litres of water along with your mop and squeegee at the same time. You will also need some old towels and microfiber cloths.

  1. Use An Effective, Cleaning Solution

There are loads of window cleaning sprays on the market but you might not get too far trying to clean all the windows in your home with just a spray solution. Fill your bucket half way up with water and then add a few drops of window detergent. Be careful not to make the mistake of using hot water as it evaporates rapidly – fill your bucket solely with cold water.

  1. Use The Most Clever Technique

Drop your mop into your bucket of water and detergent and rub it across your window. Then, grab your squeegee and get to work. Position your squeegee at a 45 degree angle and start to clean the water off the window starting at the top left corner and working your way down, going right to the edges each time.

  1. Use Straight Vinegar On Water Stains

Do you find that there are always watermarks on your windows, even after you’ve spent ages cleaning them? This is probably because you are using hard water and so when that water is applied to the window, mineral deposits are left behind. The easiest way to remove these watermarks is to apply straight vinegar and wipe clean with a newspaper or old towel to avoid streaks.

  1. Use a Cloth for Final Touches

Once you’re finished cleaning you may notice finger marks or insect stains still appearing here and there. Rub these gently with a clean microfiber cloth to add the finishing touch. It is also worth giving the window frames a quick wipe too – use an old towel instead of your microfiber cloth if you don’t want it to get too dirty.

We hope that you’ve found some useful tips that will help make cleaning your windows an easier task with a more effective outcome. Do you have any window cleaning tips? Do you use any secret homemade window cleaning solutions? Feel free to share as we would love to hear them!

This blog post was contributed by Emerald Facility Services – a contract cleaning company based in Dublin, Ireland.