New Delhi invites tourists to visit mass of interesting places. It is very important to meet Indian culture. The strikingly beautiful churches and temples, ancient castles and museums – you can choose the excursion according to your taste.

Mosque Jama Masjid

The beautiful mosque is worth visiting. This is the admirable view. It is sailing in the sky. Frankly speaking, this is the second big building in the world. It is situated on 10-meters high foundation. So, the building is seeing from any place of the city. The main building material was white marble and red sandstone. It looks really impressive. This ancient creature attracts thousands of palmers. This is one of the best architectural samples of Indian architecture, on the same basis as Taj Mahal. Besides, you can see many interesting facts and read Koran, written in buck skin. This is not a museum, but masjid.

Jama Masjid Mosque

Red Fort

The brightest architecture monument is Red Fort. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built that monumental construction made of red stones. The fort hides beautiful gardens, marble monuments and buildings of Sultan’s court. The most of these buildings were the residence for British governors. They are museums now. You can hide away to forget about the Delhi noisy streets.

You can enter the fort territory through the Lahore Gate on the Eastern side. You can see the sound-and-light show after sunset. The fort was renewed to become the Great Place of Art, speaking about cultural habbits and arts.

Connaught Place

Meet the popular place for tourists to walk. There is a colorful market over here. The square is circled by high columns, supported people from heat in a sunny day. This round square is not bad place for shopping. There is nothing in the world that can speak about the culture of one or another country than market. Look, the square is full of boutiques, little park with cute fountains, cafes and cheap hotels. There are many touristic agencies in the square. They are ready to help you to go to visit any part of the country you like.

Main Bazar is the next famous touristic place, situated 5 minutes walking from the Connaught Place. Just special public gather together here to trade in everything.

Mexican Market

Jantar Mantar Observatory

The next interesting touristic object is Jantar, dated of 18th century. It was the most important research base for all Indian scientists for many years and centuries ago. The heavenly objects were discovered with the help of interesting and strange equipment, carefully made of bricks and stones. According to popular version, the observatory was well-equipped due to Singh II – a king, who was related with astronomy.

White-and-Pink Church

The church is widely thought as the most beautiful cultural monuments. It was founded in 1938 upon an initiative of the local grand people. It was spent a lot of money to build up a construction: elegant forms, glorious decorations, unexpected architecture. The church is still the symbol of power.

Main Bazar

You can find everything that you wish for in this place: cheap hostel, street food, interesting people and fellow travellers. If you are not well-prepared, you can see nothing interesting, but dust and poverty. Thus, Asian culture is special. The territory of Main Bazar boasts with various trade stands during the day. What to buy? Oh, you can buy a wide assortment of Indian heritage: cheap jewelry, magic amulets and bright clothes.

Souvenir stand with proprietor

National Indian Museum

New Delhi cannot boast with lots of museums, but you can find dozens of them. Each of museum complexes contains the unique collection of exhibits. Never miss National Museum that speaks about Indian cultural traditions. This is the huge museum with the richest collection of rare archeological exhibits, res objects, and art samples of all civilizations for last 5000 years.

Birds’ Hospital

Go to the very beginning of Chandni Chowk. There is the biggest church of the ancient Indian religion. The religion teaches to take care of all living objects. There is a hospital in this church. This is a place, where people take care of ill or damaged birds. The healthy patients are taken back into the forest.

Way the Things Are Done

The locals are proud of their culture. So, you should respect Indian culture. Obviously, the most of tourists know nothing about the country cultural traditions. It is better following the simple rules.

Going to see and learn religious city sights, you should be dressed correctly. The clothes must be maximally solid and fitting of light colors. It is prohibited to make a step on shoes. It is better to take your shoes off and stay in the bag. The women usually wear something on their heads to respect the church.

Indian culture

The most important religious tradition is almsgiving. It is enough to pay one of begging people. Do not worry. The locals are always ready to help tourists with advice. Try to curb appetite of other leading people. The better part of them is too pressing.

Asking for help be ready to be asked for payment. Even small sums are taken with pleasure. There is one more interesting rule. It is very important for different situations; do everything with your right hand: take and give food, hello to your friends, meet new people, make payments. The left hand is considered to be dirty.

Finally, locals do not like public relations. It is not recommended to walk the street, taking your hands together with your partner, even husband or wife. You do not speak or lough too loud in public places. Just kids can do this. The tradition of having some rest after dinner is still challenging. You can lie just on the street, under the tree, on the bench. Do not be surprised, this is the old good tradition of Asian culture. Hiring a car in Delhi airport, you can solve the half of your problems. Take your chance to use car to go from one interesting place to another, learning Indian culture in complex. Never miss your try to learn more.