Have you ever sat at home watching an awards show such as the Oscars or the Grammys, and wondered how celebs get their hair looking so fabulous?


Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret – you don’t have to be rubbing shoulders with the stars to bust out a stunning ‘do. That’s right, next time you frock up for a swanky occasion, twist your tresses into one of these sure-to-floor styles.

Side Saddle

A low, side swept bun screams natural beauty, looking almost effortless, yet elegant. It has its casual qualities; however, more and more women are donning this style on the red carpet. Match it with bright lips and a simple gown to execute that timeless look many will be envious of.

There are a few ways to achieve this style, one of which involves sweeping your hair to a low, side ponytail. Take a small section from the pony tail and back-comb (tease) your hair to create volume. Bunch it up and use a bobby pin to hold it in place. Continue this until every piece of your pony tail is pinned and there you have it – a gorgeous side bun.


Free Falling

  If you happen to be blessed with naturally wavy hair – embrace it. A lot of women wish they had this gift (myself included), which is why curling irons, triple-barrel wavers and other such instruments are so popular. Long, wavy locks are both beautiful and sexy and the perfect accessory to any fancy ensemble.


So, your hair is thin and lifeless at the best of times? Stress less; there’s a heap of hair thickening products on the market to help you pump up the volume. Check out Toppik for an impressive instant volumizer, it’s completely undetectable! Pair them with your weapon of choice and you’ll be sure to look a million bucks.


Top Knot

  An amazing yet versatile hairdo, the top knot – a high bun – is everywhere right now. This is the perfect style to open up your face so the world can see your beautiful features.


Simply pull your hair up into a high ponytail. Twist your hair until it coils around itself and covers your hair tie, then secure with a few bobby pins. Voila! If you want a looser bun, don’t twist it as tight.


There are other techniques to achieving this style, as well as various accessories available, including items to give you a fuller bun; so have a play around to find the best method for your hair.


Bling Bling

  If making a statement is your goal, a piece of hair jewelry could be just the thing to glam up your glad rags. There are so many different shapes and sizes available, so think about what look you are going for and get shopping.


Stick with a simpler hairstyle and try not to go too blingy with the dress. Sparkles are a nice touch, but you don’t want to go overboard.


Sugar and Spice

Schoolgirls. That’s what braids used to remind me of – but not anymore. There’s been somewhat of an evolution, and the versatility of a braid means you can incorporate it into almost any hairstyle, keeping your look both sweet and stylish. Whether it be the main event, or a cute little added extra to your existing ‘do, a braid is the perfect accessory to any hairstyle.


So as you can see, it’s not that hard to create your own “red carpet” look. Not only is it fun trying out new hairstyles at home, it will also save you money that you would otherwise be spending at the hairdresser.

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Happy styling!

Author: Danielle Henderson